Metformin Smells Funny?

Tonight when I opened the bottle of Met, I noticed a fishy smell. I've been taking this pill for more than four months and I hadn't noticed this until now, so I opened the other bottle I was sent this month and it had the same weird smell. I then went to the little pill bottle I keep in my bag when I leave the house (so I'll have some for lunch) that comes from the last shipment I got--which was from a different manufacturer. It had the same smell.

Has anyone else noticed this? Am I crazy? Should I be worried?

It does have a smell. My recommendation? Don't smell it. And don't smell the fish oil either, it smells like fish.

It does have a peculiar smell...Id take Brian's recommendation. I don't smell it either :) Just chug it down with a full glass of water.

I didn't smell it--I got hit with the smell when I opened the bottle last night. Before that I hadn't noticed it at all.

Thanks, guys. I'll stop smelling it now. :-)

Was it a new bottle? It's usually the worst when I first open the bottle. Actually, it's part of the reason I now use a weekly pill organizer - the pills seem to get just enough airflow that the smell tones down.

Fairly new--no more than a week and a half old