Metronic larger reservoir

Has anybody had trouble using the larger reservoirs for a week instead of changing every three days?

From what I understand, people do it often and have had no issues, provided the insulin/pump hasn’t been exposed to excessive temperature extremes. With that being said, it is my standard practice to change the reservoir out every 2-3 days with each planned set change (i.e - if a set falls out within a day of inserting I use the same fileld reservoir).

I was told that I had two choices. Either fill the reservoir with the amount of insulin that I needed in for 3 days or to change out the infusion set every three days and just use up the insulin that was left in the reservoir. The insulin in the pump should still be good. (I would be careful if the insulin got hot or cold.)

I was told at a pump support meeting that Metronic now sells just the infusion sets without the reservoirs. You may want to check into this. I do not use a Metronic pump so I never checked into this.

All of the Medtronic infusion sets are packaged separately from the reservoirs.