Metronic pump 722

Iam sooo happy and excited… Just yesterday i knew that Metronic sells pumps in my region. I called them. and i am going there soon… after hearing what all the pumpers say, I cant wait to have one. i am hoping that it will be a great step forward. Its true that its too expensive; almost 7000$ and 150$ monthly BUT i really think that it worths. Is there any1 who desnt agree ?

Hai, I just asked you about that!!! lol

Am happy for you and for all the D Jordanians, of course it is expensive! Darn
I wonder when will the Omni-pod come to Jordan, since I believe it is the cheapest. Right Omnipod useres? It is like $800 for the pump and I believe it is the same cost as the Medtronic for the monthly pods $150? Correct me if am wrong Omni-People!! ;o)

wooow i wish they open here… 800$ is affordable :slight_smile: Please ahmad can you tell me how did the pump help u ?

The OmniPod controller is less expensive than the pump/controller of tubed pumps, however, I believe the Pods are much more expensive than the infusion sets of traditional pumps, so over the course of say four years of use, it could work out to be about the same.

Omnipod its already selling in central and south America via an independent distributor. In the course of this year they will be selling in Europe, they hope to be before 2009 ends or early 2010. About the cost, I just pay $66 for a box of 10 pods, the rest its covered by my insurance. Basically it depends on your insurance coverage.