Miaomiao xdrip android phone help needed

Hi guys i have the libre and miao miao and xdrip but my phone the huawei p30 pro doesn’t stay connected to xdrip and miaomiao so it’s unusable can anyone tell me what phone they are using with the miao miao and xdrip. As it will help me so I know what phone to buy. Thanks

It’s been awhile since I used the Libre and Miaomiao but IIRC you need to alter your phones permissions so that it won’t turn off the connection with the blue tooth in the Miaomiao and also so it won’t shut down XDrip every few hours. Sorry I don’t know how to do this since I was using an older IPhone when I was using Spike(used to be the IOS counterpart to XDrip).

Here is older notes on github, with possible solution.

If your huawei is still on android 9, there is still hope…if you are on android 10, you have to use the awful tomato app, and you’ll still have the same problems, it won’t work with an android wear watch, and it’ll disconnect without telling you…worst app ever…I’m using a Razer 2 phone because it has to be an android 9 phone… you can try to downgrade, but I’ve personally bricked two phones trying it, and don’t recommend downgrading unless you are android savvy and maybe a Google phone,. you"ll also need the original android iso, which google provides, and many others don’t. The issue is the oop algorithm which only works with android 9 which is needed for the us 14 day sensors and maybe the us libre 2…not sure as I just picked those up…if you are still on android 9, its probably settings… wakelocks, allow g5 , rfdiuno, etc, on your day off you’ll have to mess with the settings until you find the right combination… once you do, it’ll work great… but I have a feeling abbot is involved in why it stopped working in the u.s.