Michael Jackson

I work in a very “Buttoned Down” environment, so everyone is whispering about MJ. I’m sure if I were working at a convenience store, someone would be screaming, “Holy Sh*t, Michael Jackson died!!”


i can’t believe it!! it’s such a shock

Very sad…so young and talented. I will miss him, I have childhood memories of the Jackson 5 and running through the house singing ABC… I feel so awful for his family and children. Hopefully he is in a much kinder place.

About a couple hours ago, my husband told me he suffered a cardiac arrest. I said,“I just dont see him living a very long life” (yikes! Didnt me that quick) To bad he turned so odd over the years.

You are right hopefully he is in a much kinder place. I am so very sad.

Buttoned down or not, someone needs to put on some music!

Oh, my …just saw it on CNN news …sad …

i am about to cry, i have fond memories associated with the music. i remember when i was a kid and i had gone to the skating rink, they decided to play the Black and White video i guess because it had premiered that day. that’s my first vivid memory of MJ.

I am 54. 4 years Michael’s senior. I remember how popular he was in our little south GA town when I was but 16. We went around singing “ABC” and " Who’s Lovin’ You?";(the best and most soulful blues rendition by an 11-year old, or a singer of ANY AGE, that I have ever heard) while the Jackson’s Five’s popularity transcended the racial divides of the time. I remember saying “That little boy CAN SING AND DANCE!!” He grew up to be the most popular and famous entertainer of our time…Rest in Peace, Michael. I am sending prayers to your children and your family…

God Bless

WOW! I just can’t believe it…

SO SAD, he really had a huge move in the music.

One of his songs: (Scream)
"… such confusions don’t it make you wanna scream…"

I wanna scream for you Micheal


Long live the King of Pop

I did not know Farrah had passed on too …Hollywood and her followers are grieving .

It’s hard for me to believe how saddened I am by Michael Jackson’s death. I remember “Off the Wall” and “Thriller”.

He’s such a tragic figure, to my eyes. He rose to the heaven’s and had a long, slow, protracted decline. Has anyone in our time reached such heights and, at the same time, been the subject of such ridicule and torment?


I started the day bad…terrible pancreatic pain(my pancreas hates Me) then i wake up to hear Farrah passed …I knock out again and wake up to hear Michael was taken too hospital…I told my sister to please wake me for whatever happened to Mike…I could have never in a million years expected the outcome of today… He is our age I expect to die all the time, but He had all the money in the world for greathealth…What Happened? If someone like him can die What are the chances for me. Now i’m afraid to take my pain meds with sleeping pills and phen for nausea…is that a terrible mix does anyone Know?

I am so saddened by Michael’s loss… Since I heard the news, I haven’t stopped listening to his music…

His first ever moonwalk:

CNN have a nice couple of small sketches in his memories:
Michael Jackson, a man apart
Remembering Michael Jackson

I been watching his hits on Digg.com it is been going up rapidly

RIP, You will never be forgotten, your music is a legend

The song is ended, but the melody lingers on… In memory of a true great artist.

I’ve just got up and mum told me Micheal Jackson had died. I couldn’t believe it. I think that when he was at the heght of his career, it coincided with my happiest memories of being young. I am saddened that his life became such a farce, in those final years he lost himself. He was someone who touched all of our lives, it really is hard to think that he is gone. RIP.

I bawled like a little baby when I found out. I immediately hopped on the internet via mobile phone and found the confirmation of his death on TMZ. I couldn’t believe it. Surely there has been some mistake? He’s so young! I heard the news just as Fox confirmed his death. I was in shock. Completely heartbroken.

And I usually don’t give a damn about any celebrities- they’re just people… but Michael? He was an icon. He transcended through all stereotypes and moved people with his music. I’ve followed his career since he was a child. Listened to his songs in the dark of my room at night for hours and hours. He was a musical genius.

He was a forever kid. He had his own amusement park, for chrissakes! I was in awe of him and what he represented.
Sure, he had his issues… he definitely had a plastic surgery addiction… but I still loved him in spite of all of his flaws- maybe moreso because of them.

I will truly miss him and his music. He changed the world.

Remember the Band Aid and the Heal the World campaign?
Michael Jackson truly made “it a better place- for you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying… if you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and for me.”