Michael Jackson

Ok so I’ve just seen this is it. I’ve been such a big MJ fan since my cousin bought me his Dangerous album on cassette when I was a kid. I’ve always loved the guy and when he died it truly felt like a family member had gone. I have cried tears over the loss, and now, I have that lump in my throat again.

The show that he was planning would have been absolutely spectacular - those rehersals would probably beat most live concerts for a start! But what really got me wasn’t how good it was (I always believed in him) but it was the way we were shown Michael - the human being. He really cared for the world and its future. For some reason, as a society we always put down our national treasures, We always find ways of hurting them - through media stories, through wild accusations powered by the thoughts of money and greed.

Michael’s message is clear and its made me want to be a better person. So why can’t we all take this on board…you know…just a little bit…and make the world a better place…

God bless you Michael Jackson. I love you xx