When I was diagnosed (Hbac1 180) i scored 148 mg/g microalbumin! I had also high blood pressure (165/10), high holysterol, etc.I spent the next few days learning about the disease and i was terrified! One month later, after losing 10 kilos and puting bg and blood pressure under control (with diet, daily exercise and meds of course), my doctor was astonished to see the microalbumin levels falling back to normal (13 mg/g). I keep (more or less) this good numbers until today (lost further 20 kilos, eat very carefully). I had researched a little in Internet and i have seen that it is possible to reverse microalbuminuria to normoalbuminuria but isnt strange that it happened so quickly?Would this last or the problem will come back with time?Has anybody else experienced the same?