Mid-Atlantic Winter Storm 2010

Hey Gang!

Just wanted to post some images of this year’s storm.

This is the neighbor's mailbox - just to give some perspective.


Double WOW! Looks like our normal winters sometimes. Not now though. I Love snow. :slight_smile:

I’m not far from Dulles airport, 32 inches. Totally amazing. My arms hurt, but my cars can get out. A lot of good it does, despite my road being a snow emergency route, the fallen tree still blocks my escape.

Hi Tim, My drive is clear but they didn’t treat the road they just polished the ice. here is my walkway

I finally have a sidewalk going to the house and a driveway. Found a nice college guy on CraigsList to shovel He and a friend showed up with a shovel and a snow blower. 30 minutes and voila!

Tim, I am trying oh so hard not to laugh… really I feel your pain and the pain of all the people who live in your area and up and down the coast…but my laughter stems from this storm being a BIG news item. In South Dakota we have had four such storms, buried on Christmas day and for a week after in 18 - 42 inches of that lovely white stuff, not to mention frigid temps of - 36 degrees and that was the real temp, we won’t talk about wind chill. So as much as I am enjoying your pics, I do understand the enormity of a storm like yours…but I have to go shovel out my driveway to go to work, it’s still snowing here, and we have 32" of the new stuff from Friday to Current. Ain’t life wonderful.

My street was actually closed today. I’m hoping I can go to work tomorrow because I’m officially losing it!

I was suppossed to start a new job today. Now it looks like it won’t be until Friday!

I can’t believe we’re in for another 12+ inches tomorrow. I work in Baltimore City, and most of the streets there haven’t even been touched. Unfortunately, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid (the life of the independent contractor).

Shannon, I had 12 inches by 9:30 this am and it’s still coming down and with the wind going sideways as well. It’s officially a “Blizzard Warning”

I know, Dave. It’s just crazy.

We are picking on a guy at work, he moved down from New York state just before winter, we told him we never had this mess before he moved here. He said his kids are loving it, they never got out of school for snow in NY.

Everyone at work is blaming me! For two years I drove a Tahoe, and it never snowed. I recently sold the Tahoe and got a BMW (which does not work in the snow at all!), and it’s done nothing but snow. Not fair :frowning:

did you hear, Carroll County pulled all of the plows off of the road for safety until the visibility improves. In the meantime they are stationed at the firehouses

Hi gang - just dropping in to say HI. Snowed in here on Mac Beth. The snow is almost to the top of the deck rail on the porch. Good to see some friendly faces - just came in here from a recent post I made that seems to be raising the ire of some DM’s. If you have any input I would be glad to see it. Check my listing of postings - fortunately I don’t have many.
Stay warm!

Tim, I sent you a member that may be able to help.

Mac Beth is behind Pizza Hut somewhere isn’t it? Our road is shut down 3 to 4 foot drifts and no where for the plows to push it, road is a cut through a hill.

Dave - Thanks for the referral. I will contact Paige. I just “friended” him the other day. 2) I am on the other - original Mac Beth behind the mall.

cleaning up after the blizzard