Middle School Worries

I went and visited the middle school where my daughter will be attending next year, and it’s got me a little spun up. It’s not really diabetes related, although the nurse did bug me, but I’m easily bugged when it comes to my daughter’s diabetes care. I just don’t appreciate third party comments into her diabetes care. What you think you are going to give me advice based on one blood sugar reading that you get at lunch time every day? No, I am not going to dictate early lunch based on your perceptions that the early lunch is better for her blood sugar readings, or when she should snack or have PE. I’m sorry, I think I know what’s going on with her daily diabetes care than you do and don’t presume to tell me what to do. Ok, I have issues, I know that. And maybe she’s used to people not knowing anything, but really. Give me a break. We deal with this 24/7, we might know just a little something.

But what’s really got me spun up is the fact that she’s growing up and I’m not ready for it. She’s 10 for goodness sakes. The kids at middle school are tall, have boobs, have pimples, and some look like adults. I’m not ready to face the fact that my little girl is not going to be a little girl any more. I’m not ready for that! She still looks like a little kid.

Yes, she’s starting to cop an attitude once in a while, but she’s really a good kid. Her diabetes has made her grow up fast, and she’s responsible, smart and athletic. I think she’ll be fine, but I’m just not ready. Do you get he theme, it’s about ME not being ready, not her. I’m sure she’ll be fine. But we need to have a talk soon. A big talk. About menstruting, about boys, about drinking, about drugs, about sex. Ugh. I’m not ready. yes we have talked about all of those before now. She’s knows how the body works, how babies get here. But I really need to talk about the details, peer pressure, things a little kid shouldn’t have to worry about, but a big kid does. I’m not ready to let my baby go.

I know what you mean. Please, do start those talks. Slowly… you will both get used to it. Still, it’s better to talk than find something out the hard way. Bring out all the positive stuff all the time. Then,quietly slip in some of the bad so that she knows it is there. So that she is aware of the right way to deal with it.
It really is about growing up… for both of you.
You’re a great mom and she is gonna be a great teen because you care!

My daughter will be attending middle school next year as well, and I can relate to your worries and concerns, but think of this as yes, she is growing up, BUT, she will always need you, it will just be for different things. She will always be your little girl! Definately have whatever talks are necessary for her., impower your daughter with the information she needs, she will be better off for it. It sounds like you are such a loving and caring mom, she will do well!!