Migration to Canada as a type 1 diabetic


I am planning to to start the process of Canada migration express entry, But I am scared that I will be refused after the Medical check up.

I have no idea, but I suspect it wouldn’t be an issue. I’m thinking they are more interested in transmittable diseases that they don’t want brought into the country like ebola and measles.

Just a guess.

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Your fine, Zak. But, bring supplies with you. Have your prescriptions with you and a note from the Doc whenever you cross international borders.

Are you leaving us permanently?

Generally, people are refused entry for having HIV, not diabetes. This stuff is generally not an issue with Canada…its other countries. Can you call them up at the American consulate and ask? Embassy people are jerks and it will be hard to get through, but if your concerned, you can always try.

Where’s our Canadian nurse? He’s around here somewhere. He might know. Maybe @Jen knows.

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Hi @Zak - if you’re worried about being refused express entry on your immigration application I’d suggest contacting a Canadian immigration lawyer prior with respect to your diabetes.

The Canadian border has been closed with few exceptions to US visitors since the Covid outbreak, and I know that foreign immigration numbers are at a 70 year low.

I’d imagine the border will continue to be closed until such a time that the risk from Covid has been all but eliminated.

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You can enter Canada if you have business to conduct or if you have relatives there.
If you are only looking to go on vacation, they will likely turn you around.

Thank you Jim

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Thank you Mohe this is very helpful, I live in Dubai I will try to give them a call tomorrow Morning

Who is eligible to travel to Canada?

Foreign nationals, including United States (US) citizens, can travel to Canada only if they’re eligible. Restrictions vary depending on where you’re coming from. A quarantine plan is mandatory.

Immediate family members of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident To be eligible, you must provide evidence that you’re an immediate family member of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident you’ll be staying in Canada for at least 15 days If you’re staying for less than 15 days, you must meet the same requirements as all other foreign nationals.

Who is an immediate family member

An immediate family member is defined as a

I dont think that is the problem with diabetes :sweat_smile:
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Oh, shoot. I know a guy from Saudi Arabia who is a type 1. He came to the US, but will be back there now, if you can reach him on LinkedIn, his name is Meshal Almuhareb and he graduated with a Master’s in software engineering from the University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota, USA. He might have some advice. He knew all the tricks.