Mildly Grumpy Minor Vent

I just can’t seem to keep my BG up today. ARGH! It’s driving me batty! It’s actually been a bit of an issue since yesterday, but at least yesterday I wasn’t so far in the hole.

After swimming yesterday I was down to 74. Not horrible. Not even treatable if it weren’t for the fact that I needed to drive, so I took a glucose tablet before driving home to eat lunch, of course. Ate lunch, dosed properly. All was well. Went on with life.

Before dinner I was down to 62. Not horrible. Didn’t have the shakes, and it was dinner time, so no big deal. Ate dinner, just took less insulin. Yay for less insulin!!!

Went to bed with sugars in the normal range at 115… woke up at 2am burning up, just shy of breaking into sweats. BG at 45. Eeek. Hadn’t seen that number in awhile. Took a handful of glucose tablets, chased it with some cheese for protein, and went back to bed after all was seemingly good. Woke up at 6:15 with my BG at 67. OK. Not horrible, but squint-worthy.

I had a big smoothie for breakfast. 100g cauliflower, 85g baby carrots (both pre-cooked and cooled), 140g of mixed frozen berries, 1 cup whole milk, 1 scoop whey powder. NO INSULIN. Despite my usual morning rise and dogged horrible insulin resistance in the mornings, BG only got up to 106 two hours later. What the actual…

Well then! We stopped at Starbucks, and I got a Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Took just enough insulin to cover the carbs in the milk, or so I thought. Hah! Next check 2 hours later, I was down to 88! Grr. Well, that was fine. Lunch was in 30-45 minutes anyway!

Well, with the way the prior two days had been going, and with the fact we were about to go walk at the Aquarium for a couple of hours, what better day to take care of the Long John Silvers hankering that’s been gnawing at me for weeeeeks - and I don’t mean the healthy, low-carb baked stuff! I got the 1-fish, 2-chicken meal, with green beans and corn, and took only HALF of my normal insulin, and went on about my day. We came out of the aquarium, sure enough, BG down to 69. Darn it! OK.

One glucose tab should be enough to make it through the grocery store, surely! Things go fine, but then later here I am sitting at home and suddenly seeing spots. WHAM. BG at 50!!! Three glucose tabs and hey, after that an Atomic Fireball candy to suck on just for fun! An hour later my BG’s only 56. What the! Well alrighty then! Four Trader Joe’s Cashew Toffee Cookies it is (around 25g of carbs there)… 30 mins later and I’m at 115.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great being ABLE to eat All The Carbs without taking much insulin at all today but dang, I’m starting to feel rather tired from running low (and struggling to not take a nap) and quite frankly I’m kind of scared to go to sleep without setting a 2 or 3am alarm tonight. And if I set an alarm there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to go back to sleep. And if I don’t go back to sleep I won’t make it to water aerobics in the morning. BLECH.

And there’s just no real reason for it. I know I didn’t get appreciatively more exercise on Monday than I have been as of late. Today was more walking than I normally do on a Tuesday but no more than I normally do on a Saturday errand-running day. I didn’t take my Lantus twice or anything like that. I’ve just been running low for no reason other than “HA HA HA! Diabetes!” Grrr.

Sorry you are going through this. I was going to ask if you’d had more exercise than usual, but then near the end you said no. It is hard to think of anything else it could have been. A change in the weather maybe? I’ve heard some people who say they have to set different ratios in warmer or cooler weather. That’s never affected me; I just tend to exercise more in the summer so may be able to lower my basal by one unit then.

Less stress than usual? I know some people say their BG goes up a lot with emotional stress. I’ve never noticed that, either, although my blood pressure goes up with any little thing.

Guess I’m lucky that I never seem to have these BG changes where one can’t identify a cause. I just seem to do a good job of causing my own BG problems. LOL. Just tonight after dinner I goofed and took Humalog instead of Lantus. That means I have to eat another 56 grams of carb. Well, I got the first 10.6 grams carb down with a beer. At that point I needed one! Just 45.4 more carbs to go.

I’m not T2D, so I’m not familiar with its tendencies and patterns. I’m wondering if your basal dose is too rich. Your basal needs could have drifted lower and didn’t send you the message. Just a thought. Maybe cut a unit or two off of the Lantus dose. It’s fun feeding the insulin until it’s not. I find curing lows easier than highs. Good luck figuring this out.

@Uff_Da The weather’s been kind of all over the place here. One day it’ll be 90, the next day it’ll be 60. The weather doesn’t really bother my BGs too much until it’s up over 90 and I actually stay out in it. I do tend to run lower in the winter, but that has more to do with the fact that I don’t run the heater above 69 even, I think. My poor husband, heh!

@Terry4 - I have dropped my basal some. Most of the time I’m OK, though. It’s just every now and then, out of the blue, I’ll have these random “what the what!?” days. It’s almost like my pancreas goes into overdrive and/or my insulin resistance just drops down to nil for one day, then the next everything goes back to normal. If I didn’t keep track of things, I’d almost swear that I’d taken one of my medications twice given how random it can be.

I am in the process of trying to lose a significant amount of weight, so I really don’t want to have to feed the insulin. Thankfully today was already planned as a bit of a splurge day, just not quite such a splurge. I’ve got over 100 pounds to lose. I guess I have been increasing my exercise in that I’ve been getting more exercise during the past few weeks overall, but I didn’t get more exercise on Monday or today than the past few weeks. I was participating in a fitness challenge in March where I spent the last two months doing a combination of water aerobics and/or swimming laps for 1-1.5 hours every day for 15 days straight. I took off one day after hitting the challenge goal, and then have been back every day since April 1 until today, when I went and did a bunch of walking instead.

I have the “good fortune” of going low when stressed or when I’m getting sick (and frequently when I am already sick). When I have a day that you describe, I am pretty certain it’s a sign that I’ll be coming down with “something” in the next day or two.

How long has it been since you were diagnosed? The summer after I started taking insulin, I had several occasions when I was sure my pancreas decided to “help me out” unexpectedly. Usually that happened on a “splurge day,” but usually I was already somewhat high at the time – I would see a VERY rapid drop in my BG that was much quicker than I’d ever seen in response to injected insulin at that time. I don’t see that kind of thing now, which helps make things slightly more predictable.

As you say, “HA HA HA! Diabetes.” About times like that, a dear friend here used to say, “Think about what happened for no more than 17 seconds, then correct and move on!”

@Thas - I was diagnosed in 2001, so it’s been about 15 years. I’ve gotten these days more frequently since switching from gabapentin to topiramate for my fibromyalgia. I know that topiramate can alter the amount of metformin clearance/concentration of metformin in your blood. But I can’t pinpoint any one thing that I’m doing that would account for the sudden wild swings from one day to the next. I try to keep my days pretty much the same exercise wise, sleep wise, and food wise. Doing so helps with my diabetes and fibromyalgia, as well as keeping my sleep regulated. It’s positively maddening to be doing more or less the same exact thing and get wildly different one day out of 10. I’m looking at a CGM once I have my second hand surgery on the 15th. After that I will have hit my max out of pocket for the year and can go crazy with medical expenses. Maybe that will give me some answers. Or at least some warning when it’s about to happen.

I do have a CGM and it is incredibly helpful. I’m unsure of the other meds – I had intolerable side effects from orals, so am on insulin only (currently via pump). Every case is, of course different - and, as you see, every DAY even for the same person can be different. I’ve had days when I planned to be low-carb all day, then was stuck with low after low that needed treatment, and other times when I could seemingly do no wrong.

I think someone mentioned in another thread that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing exactly the same way and expecting different results. Funny, that’s a definition for diabetes!

Don’t blame you if you’re grumpy a bit. What if you could eat when you were hungry and no need to give it any more thought? Oh wait, that’s what most people do.

The bright side is that after 15 years, at least a low is “no big deal.” Even if I wake up and my BG is 45 I’m not panicky and freaked out. Mostly just annoyed. At least it didn’t ruin my day other than leaving me a bit more tired earlier on than I’d have liked. We had great fun at the Aquarium. My husband got to feed the octopus :slight_smile: But I was ready to faceplant in my dinner plate that night.

And of course after all that, and a dinner of grilled fish, asparagus, and grilled pears with a tangelo for a snack later before bed… I woke up the next morning higher than I have in a long while at 144. But at least I was on my way to water aerobics to work it down.

I may call the hospital this week and try to pre-pay early just so I can get the ball rolling on the CGM. That should throw the hospital for a loop. “You want to pay EARLY?”

@AARON10 - Amen! Between logging it all for my weight loss efforts and calculating insulin needs, checking the sales ads, meal planning for the week, and actually doing food prep, sometimes I feel like food is a full time job.