Mini Med CGM "reuse"

I usually do the 7 day thing with my MM CGM, but have read here about people going longer..

Hit 7 days today, recharged the transmitter, and restarted as "new sensor." It is doing a 3 hour warm up. Usually, after 3 days, I start new sensor, it beeps about 5-10 minutes later for a reading and I am good to go.

Why is it different when the transmitter is recharged?

Recharging resets the 168 hr timer built into the transmitter, so it does a 2 hr warm up cycle every time a sensor is plunged into it. The old pumps start a three day cycle anytime a start new sensor option is taken and the 530G starts a 6 day cycle anytime the start new sensor option is started. The transmitter will only send data for 168 hours after the two hour warm up. ends before it stops transmitting and the pump first thinks it has just lost the signal and keeps looking for new data and sends the weak signal alarm but after a default amount of time gives up and sends out the lost sensor alarm and stops the currant sensor data collection...I hope this is a clear as mud....:-)

No. It makes perfect sense--had a CGM a long while. Thanks.