Mini Strokes

I was dx as having a TIA 4 weeks ago, hospitalized and tested half to death. It started with my right eye suddenly crossing. Since then, the same things has happened but not to the degree as the first time. There are no other symptoms, no pain, no numbness no typical stroke-like symptoms at all. Has anyone experiences the eye thing, just looking for opinions as the tests nor docs have not really offered a reason it happened to where the issue began. I see my primary on Tues., he is one I trust. I was told by the cardio that each of these incidents is a stroke/TIA. I have requested to see my medical record and test reports myself. I go back and forth between being scared and upset to angry because of the lack of feedback. And…yes, I’ve asked. All any of them seem to want to do is medicate it more. Thoughts? When the first one happened, my bp was slightly elevated and my bs was at 120.

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I need to think about this sweetie. It’s a scary subject for me as I come from long lines of stroke victims on both sides—though my mom made it to 89!..

I can say for sure that the lack of feedback is absolutely unforgiveable. Often medicating is the very correct answer like the old baby aspirin prescription often is just the thing. So do sit down and do some research. There may very well be other things to do for yourself–in fact I’m sure of it.

I’ll check in again tomorrow afternoon to see what others are saying…Thinking of you…Blessings!

They are indeed scary as a possible precursor to a stroke—but not all are that. I assume your records are clear on test results and how long they lasted etc so you can go over all the info with the doc you trust on Tuesday. And you have a list of recommended medications, right?

For right now, the best you can probably do is follow directions as given until Tuesday. Just be sure you have your thoughts in order before your appointment.

And most importantly—breathe. Do whatever you do that makes you smile and be calm—whether that’s a special piece of music, reading in the bathtub, or furry friends or a walk with a friend. There is much to learn----and you are a warrior because we who live with diabetes are all warriors who know a lot about steep learning curves!..Blessings and keep us posted!..

thank you, Judith. I have studied and read every article and piece of information I can find. The crossing of the eye is so disturbing and yes, when I see my trusted MD on Tuesday, I have questions for him. At least I know he will shoot straight and listen to me. The moments before it happens is very migraine-like. Pressure in the eye itself, aura [like shooting stars] but no pain. I am taking all meds as ordered and testing bs with them most of the time in good range. I am hoping for a clearer picture on Tues. I’ve also requested my records so I can see the reports for myself. If I felt the explanations given were enough, I wouldn’t have to do that but at the end of the day…this is MY life. Another pill may or may not be the answer. Thank you for caring, responding and for your kindness. It matters so much.

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