Minilink charger has red light?

Hi all,

For the past few weeks, when I put the minilink into the charger, a red light comes on. I replaced the battery recently, so I know that isn't it. And it seems to still work fine. Has anyone else had this happen? Should I be concerned? Thanks!

Could it be that you put a bad battery in it? I also know that there are different light patterns that mean different things. The manual tells you what each pattern means but if your transmitter is still under warranty, I would maybe call customer service and see what they say. The warranty is so short and the transmitter itself will probably last much longer, so if it is within warranty, I would have the charger replaced now.

The red light is supposed to come on when you plug the transmitter into the charger. It indicates that the transmitter is being charged. One day I plugged my transmitter into the charger and left for work. My wife called me on the phone all flustered because the charger was flashing.

Nothing to be concerned about. It will continue to flash for a while after being plugged in. My charger is still using the battery that came with the CGM, which is about 2 years ago.

I would definitely try a new battery - I had the red light and when I changed the battery it went away. Even though the battery in the charger was only a couple of months old.