Minimed and trade ins

Anyone know if Minimed offers competitors trade-ins? I had been with Minimed for 8+ years when I decided to switch to the Animas Ping. Long story short, I was really looking forward to their Dexcom integration, but absolutely hate the pump. Even if the FDA approves it, the pump will probably still operate as it does now. I’ve had it for 5-6 months and can’t stand it. Has anyone had any success trading in their Animas for a new Minimed?



Don’t know! But I’m just curious…what do you hate about the Ping?

How much insulin that shoots out when priming…waste.
The need to rewind and prime when simply changing the battery… more waste.
Limited to 200u of insulin… less after priming.
Silly menu flow ie combo boluses. After setting bolus amount it goes to main menu instead of going to duration, ratio, and then go.
The meter has the same menu flow issues.

Those are the main things.

And I had a bit of “buyers’ remorse” after upgrading from an older Minimed to a newer one. It’s good to see the opinions of someone who switched. Not to say one is worse than the other – the Minimed has plenty of quirks and annoyances, but I’ve become accustomed to them and grown to accept them. Change is always hard.

How much insulin that shoots out when priming is completely up to you…just let off the button faster

When rewinding to change the battery just tap the button to prime instead of holding…no waste

If you use more insulin that about 186 units (43" tubing) in 3 days then this is a problem

Combo boluses: yes this one does drive me nuts but I do not do a whole lot of combo’s so no biggie for me

Just an FYI I have read the Vibe’s user manual and they HAVE fixed a lot of the menu flow issues but all your other complaints are the same.

I have never heard of MM offering such deals and I know for sure they are not right now.

That’s too bad. The Ping was free to me after insurance and trade in of my old Paradigm. I’ll have to see what Aetna has to say.