Minimed bolus wizard pump sensitivity question

I have a MiniMed 522 pump & I need to find out more about what the sensitivity question. I've read MiniMed's description of what it is and I've googled & got the same answer. However, I still need to know an answer to my spefiic question.

My sensitivity setting in my bolus wizard is 46%. Whenever I do a correction bolus it pushes me below my target blood sugar. My carb ratio is pretty accurate at 15:0 for meals so I don't want to change that. Will it help to adjust my sensitivity percentage? And if so do I want to increase that or decrease that so that I'm not going below my target blood sugar?

Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF) describes how much 1 unit of insulin will drop your BG. Therefore, if correction boluses are sending you low you need to adust your ISF up (maybe to 50). At 50 one unit of insulin will drop you 50 mg/dl and you will take less insulin to correct a high BG.

Your minimed pump will not help you adjust the number. It is all trial and error, but you have the important information that your number is too strong currently. I would adjust it down (to maybe 50) and see how that goes for a few corrections. If it is still too strong than keep adjusting.

I agree with Capin that rather than a %age, sensitivity is how many points a unit of insulin lowers your fasting BG. I sort of just guess at mine but I think there are directions for testing this in "Think Like a Pancreas" and "Pumping Insulin"?