Minimed CGMS sites to insert?

Where do you usualy insert your CGMS? My endo suggested to try my arms. Does anyone ever put them there? If you have any input on different sites, please let me know!

We use the side of Westin’s arms with great success. We insert vertically, pointing up the arm.

I was wondering how arm sites work ? I alway have used my tummy but it seems to get in the way alot .


We used to use Westin’s (age 10) upper buttocks. For a few months that area worked well. We would get atleast 6 or 7 days. Then it just quit working. We were getting 4 days. I was extremely disappointed and was sure that MM did something different to their sensors. Another mom convinced me to try his arm. The first time we got 8 days. Now, with some new techniques to removed the transmitter for charging, we are getting 10-12 days. They are ending due to low ISIG, not crazy numbers. (We cut around the transmitter, through the tegaderm that we cover the sensor and transmitter with, remove and recover.)

I think one key is that isn’t isn’t in an area that is getting bumped all the time.


I haven’t tried arms yet, but I think I might have to.

My past couple of sensors have been kind of between my back and my side, about 2-3 inches above my waistband (just far enough around the corner so that I can sleep on my side without disturbing the sensor). I don’t have much flesh back there so I didn’t think this spot would work at first, but it has been great. I do a lot of cycling and the site doesn’t get disturbed at all. I have also had a lot of success on the upper part of my buttocks. I typically pull my sensors after about 6-9 days because I start to get skin irritation, but I have kept them going for as long as a month in the back/butt sites.
The stomach, on the other hand, is a disaster every time.

You can call them and they will send you a picture diagram or search on the web. Call them!!! It has to be in a certain distance from your belly button. It hurts me in my arm because of no fat. GOOD luck 1800 minimed