Minimed cgms

i am in the process of getting on the pump , i am going with the minimed and my insurance will also pay for 70% of the cgms, my question is do you think this will be too much for me starting out on the pump and the cgms, i have a lot of lows at night so i think the continuous monitoring would help me, please give me your honest opinions, i am motivated and willing to do the work !

I have been wearing the minimed pump for just over 7 years now and the CGMS for 1 1/2 years. I am also a certified product trainer for Minimed. I have trained a couple people on both the pump and the CGMS at one time but most people feel that it is so much new information to learn all at once that we separate the two trainings by at least a week or two to allow them to adjust a little bit to one before leaning the second one. I let the people I am training decide how much they can do all at once. Hope this helps you. Keep us posted and let us know how you do.

I started the CGMS a week after I started on the pump. I would have started the same day, but my trainer liked to do a group training session for the CGMS stuff. Otherwise I would have started the same day. I agree with Donna, it depends on how comfortable you are with starting to use new technology and gadgets. I can say that it helped me nail down my basal rates faster than going a month or two without the CGMS. Being able to upload the sensor readings and having my trainer and endo team look at them really helped in making faster adjustments. But going that fast isn’t for everyone either. I always have been one for jumping in with both feet and seeing if I can swim. But thats me. Keep us posted! You’re in for a great ride!