MiniMed introduces infusion set with BD FlowSmart dual port cannula ***Update***

@Laddie – I did use Inset 30 infusion sets for a long time but then I started to experience poor site absorption with them. My problem was solved by changing to the 90 degree insets with the built-in inserter. This helped me to switch to using my lower back, left and right of my spine. I can’t imagine the general release of the Med-T Pro-Sets unless they can demonstrate a low incidence of the kinking problem. I wonder if the source of the problem resides with the user or if the design itself causes the bent cannulas.

@Sally7 – Thanks for adding your experience here. I’m not so sure I’d want to give these sets a try if they carry a high incidence of failure. The problem I have with infusion site failures is that I’m slow concluding that the infusion set/site is the problem. I often consider carb/insulin mismatches and changing insulin needs first. In the meantime my bloods sugar goes higher and higher.

Terry- so funny because I also do the same thing. And you would think infusion set would be the first thing we think about. But if after the first bolus with the pump, and nothing happens, I bolus again (stacking anyone?). And than I do the injection stack and like magic it starts coming down, so as much as I hate to pull out an infusion set before it’s time, sometimes it’s time is up prematurely. And while we both sit here and know what we should do, we both do the same. I think for many of us, it’s the money issue and we just can’t give up so easily!
But I have learned that even if you really like something, trying new things could be a good thing. So glad to see you trying things out. And can’t wait to hear more. Much more about your AP experiences! Good luck!

diaTribe has taken these new infusion sets for a test drive. They found that using an inserter versus hand insertion is better at preventing kinked cannulas.