MiniMed MiniLink Transmitter

I am a new user of the Paradigm 522. I do a lot of biking. It would be very cool to figure out how the mini link transmitter works. If I had the protocol I could build a windows mobile app that displayed the data in chart and numeric formats on a pda or phone. I can then mount the pda to my handlebars. How cool would that be? Has anybody thought of this? I don’t want to buy the real time monitor because they use an ultra low resolution lcd on it and the pump. I assume it is for battery life reasons.

Does anybody have an idea about how to do this? I do not think Medtronic will give me the info. I have 3 electrical engineers at my disposal. :slight_smile: If they don’t give me the info I hope we can reverse engineer the protocol.

It operates on this:
MMT-7703NA 916.5 megahertz
MMT-7703WW 868.35 megahertz

You will probably see something like this come from MM in the next year or so.

I have no idea about your question, but I would like to know how you set your basals for bike riding.

I haven’t started pumping yet. I have been using the glucose sensor for 2 weeks now. I have pump training next Thursday. So far, I have done 20 miles a day for about a week and a half. I have seen a rally in my level during warm up. I have also seen rapid drops during intervals. I am going to ride 50 miles next week so I’m sure I will have further insight. I do know from past experience that high adrenaline rides and rides that include climbing hills can raise my sugar level. I would increase the basal rate I bet. Longer rides I am not sure what what adjustment I would make. Of course, I do not know anything about pumping yet.

Really? That would be cool. I think I would rather roll my own. Part of my job requires analyzing market data so I think I can provide realistic data analysis tools for the sensor data. ALSO: Once I saw the PAL software I thought, “what did they make this in a week?” Pretty amateurish stuff. So I don’t know. I do not have an opinion about the CareLink thing yet.

Ahhhh thought you were pumping, but you are just sensoring. :wink: I have such trouble exercising since pumping and lowering basals for the exercise, just makes me high later. What kind of works for me is 15 carbs every 30 minutes, but I just hate eating all the time.

I do not have the adrenaline issue that makes me go high. Any form of movement and my bgs drops instantly, it is way frustrating. Thought you might have the secret formula. :wink:

That would be really slick if you could pull that off. I am wanting to be able to pull the data off my pump, and i know it will do it over the radio, as thats how it syncs it to carelink. If you move forward on this, please keep us in the loop!

One of my engineers tells me that it will be very to get data from the transmitter without help from the manufacturer. In the mean time, I am going to use a usb sniffer to learn how to communicate with the pump and get the data off of it. Do you have the comlink thing or the usb thing?

I have the Paradigm Link Interface Cable that I connect to my b/g meter. What I want is to be able to do what you say, and send all the data to my phone/pda. (att 8525) I have a fealing that I will need soemthing to be able to pick up the radio signal. My brother is a EE, so I am going to talk to him this weekend about how hard that will be.

Ya, my guys are EE as well. Let me know what you find out. It works on 916.5 mhz. Let’s hack this thing.

I found a couple of phones that have usb jacks on them. We would just plug in the receiver. I already started mocking up an app for windows mobile.

I know MM has it working with Blackberry in the lab.

Did your brother offer any info?

Hi Jack,
Just stumbled across this thread, I do a lot of biking too and have been wishing for exactly the same thing. I would like to integrate the data with the speed/elevation/HR features of my bike computer so I can put them all in graphs together later on. My sister and I have been talking about doing this, but never seem to have the time. Let me know if you get it to work!


Since I have been using the minimed CGMS I have been wishing I had a bike computer on my handlebars that would read my bloodsugars. Let me know asap if you hear of anything or come up with your own. Since I am an avid bker I think that would come in handy.

yo Sara,

exactly = integrate the data with the speed/elevation/HR features of my bike computer so I can put them all in graphs together later on.

What we need is the protocol for the transmitter. I called the patent holder of the transmitter. No answer to my voicemail or email. He works at medtronic. Who is your salesman?

will do. If you were going to mount something to your handlebars and it was seperate from your cycle computer what woudl you use? I do a lot of cyclocross and road riding. It looks like you do a bunch of mb’ing.

Any news on this subject?

If you somehow do manage to reverse engineer the protocol, make sure to write the application in java so I can use it on my blackberry! As far as hardware, it would make things so much easier if they would just use bluetooth for the transmitter.