Minimed Mysentry

I didn’t see this posted here, and thought some MM CGMS users would like to see this. I found this on another site.

This is the Mysentry that will work with the new 523, 723 pumps that I heard will be released in December(we all know how that goes!).

It will display your BG reading from the CGMS and give other information. I love the idea of this for the night while sleeping!

Here is a photo and manual for it:

Thanks Danielle.
I will have to read the manual over and over …have no clue yet, how it would help me ( MM CGMS user ) …maybe someone in TU land will be able to enlighten me ?

Hi Nel,
I don’t have the MM CGMS, but I do know a lot of people struggle to hear alarms at night while sleeping. If anything, I think this will enable the user to hear the alarm when BG’s are dropping or rising as it will come from this device, not just the pump.
Also, I think a lot of parents are looking forward to this for their kids…so they don’t have to grab the pump to check them, they can just look at this device.

Ah , ha …I recall seeing " something like this " at the Canadian Diabetes NAGM , Montreal 2008 at the Exhibitors /vendors booths …Medtronic . Indeed useful for parents , as the gadget can be kept in their bedroom ?
I can well understand , that young ones with a CGMS will sleep through an alarm …even this ( mature , age wise ) gal loves to ignore the alarms sometimes, but knows better .

I really like this idea --besides the soft alarms when not wearing hearing aids–the pump numbers can be hard to focus at night–this large format display nice…but not overly satisfied with MM service at the moment…I have a bit to go b4 replacement time so wee shall see…