Minimed Supplies- Is re-order automatic?

I am new to pumping. In fact I go this Tuesday for pump start. Do I have to order supplies from Minimed or will MM send them every three months per my Rx? Not too clear on this point. Also, if I don’t like the infusion sets I received will Minimed change them to another without a new Rx? Just a few questions. Thks.

Minimed doesn’t usually send supplies unless you mail in their “supply re-order card.” Since you’re new to the process, you probably haven’t received one in the mail, yet. If you’re starting to run low, just give them a call to “refill” your supplies.

I don’t think you need a new Rx to change your infusion sets. I changed tubing lengths mid-year, and I didn’t need a new Rx for that. Your best bet is definitely to give their customer service line a call (they’re really helpful).

Thanks Shannon. I read that somewhere on the website. I don’t need supplies as I haven’t started yet but didn’t want to wait until the last minute no knowing how the process goes. So if you fill out the card and they just send you the same amount? Sorry for another question.

Yep, the card has a checkbox format, so you just mark the boxesx to indicate what you need. You don’t have to use this method, though. I often order supplies online instead - it’s pretty painless.