Minimed system reset on battery change

So this morning at set change, I switched to the Silhouette for the first time. I realize this likely has zip to do with it, but it always catches my attention when things are coincidental.

Anyway, after I finished the set change, I discovered I had apparently been unknowingly in the middle of a pending, uncleared low battery warning during the change.

So I change the battery, and the self check goes weird. It counted to 7 onscreen, which I can barely remember if I’ve ever witnessed. Then it made me prime again, told me it was doing a system reset but had saved settings, and I had to change the date and time back from factory settings. It also lost the fact that I have it on vibrate and it’s beeping to confirm my button presses. I checked basal review and it seems to have kept that in tact, and Wizard counted my breakfast bolus just fine.

Two questions: Is there anything else I need to make sure it kept in tact? And, did it occur because of the set change during the pending low battery warning?

ETA: It IS indeed still accepting BG transmissions from my meter, too.

It should be fine. When I started using my old Paradigm 722 again after 4 years it did the same thing but all of my basal and carb rates/ratios were still intact! It probably just didn’t have enough battery power left when you changed the battery and reset itself. The Silhouette is a great set, been using them since I started pumping in 2006 and find they give me the least amount of problems compared to others I have tried.


Thanks Scott. In the Quick Set you fold the plastic part of the needle over itself and it secures the steel shaft for safe disposal. Does the silhouette have anything like that? I have an old BD needle clipper but it doesn’t get the whole thing.

Unfortunately all you can do is fold the needle in half, there’s no way to cap it. I got a sharps container from my pharmacy and dispose of them that way.

To dispose of the Silhouette used sharp, I use a pliers to pull the needle out of its plastic handle and then drop the needle only into my sharps container. The needle by itself is small and my sharps container should last me many years.

Oh there’s an idea. Thanks!!

What pump model? If it is a 630G you should call tech support. And check the error screen. It it is a 530G under warranty definityey call tech so it can be recorded. These are climatize errors. Meaning even spread out over several months it may require replacement.

It’s a Paradigm Revel 722, it went out of warranty a month ago, and our FSA card is already empty for the year because we both got expensive eye glasses.

It did it again, but this time there was no set change involved and I changed the battery right away when I got the warning. I’m getting nervous but I know my husband would really rather not replace it until the FSA card rolls over at the first of the year if we can get away with it.

Replacement isn’t the only option. Try calling customer service nonetheless and see if they can help with ideas - you are still an active customer, getting your supplies, etc.

Sometimes there is an issue with the cap, that loses contact with the battery. I agree, call MM, they may send you a new cap to try.

Oh that hadn’t occurred to me, thanks. I’m actually wondering if it could be the batteries themselves. I use around one a month, and I’m in the middle of a pack of 24. Kind of wondering if they’ve been sitting too long and I need to buy a new pack.

I had this same issue with my medtronic pump. The pump was out of warranty and a little old (by pump standards). This sounds to my like a classic case of the internal battery (not the AAA battery you change) being dead. This happens on computers and lots of electronics, eventually. There is almost certainly a small watch battery that is on an internal circuit board. That battery’s job is to save some data while your changing the bigger disposable AAA battery. Eventually all batteries die. Medtronic probably figured we’d get a new pump by then. Fortunately all the really important setting appear to be stored in whats called “non-volatile” memory i.e. memory that does not require a battery in order to be retained. Practically speaking it makes changing the AAA battery a hassle but not a crisis.