After going to the Diabetes Expo in Boston a few weeks ago, I started seriously thinking about the pump. It has been a goal since diagnosis, but my endo suggested waiting a year or so, to “learn to walk” through everything. I’m getting closer to that day so I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between the pumps. I’ve sorta eliminated the Omnipod, due to my penchant for on the snugger side clothes. The idea is great, but for me, wearing a 3/4 of an inch thick lump under a sweater or pants wouldn’t work. I’ve also been more aware of pumps when out in public. I have noticed a trend- anyone over 20 seems to have a Minimed, while smaller children have Cozmos. This is not a wide cross section of users; only people I see in stores or on the subway, but its noticeable to me. Anyway, I’m curious… do others see the same trend? How many pumpers over 20 use something other than the Minimed? How many younger pumpers use a Minimed? My theory is that more of the 20+ pumpers have been on one for longer periods of time- starting back when Minimed was the only game in town. If I end up on the Cozmo or Animas as a 24 year old, am I going to look strange?

I recently heard someone talking about how sometimes being diabetic and an alcoholic are very similar. For some reason, that really resonated with me. Everyday is a battle to do the right thing. Temptation (chocolate mousse cake w/ raspberry puree!) is always right around the corner. Falling off the wagon of health can feel so right, but you know its wrong, so you keep eating carrot sticks and going to the gym (or skipping that glass of wine at a work function). In the past months, I’ve had new found respect for recovering addicts.

I am definitely over 20, but use the Animas, not a Minimed. My first two pumps were Minimed, but this time I went with Animas. I haven’t noticed much difference between the two. I basically switched when Minimed got bought out and got bigger. At that time Animas had just come out with a new pump. I’m not sure why you would look strange, as no one even notices I have one on. I always buy pants with big pockets and just tuck it in my pocket.

I am over 20 and I use Minimed. Personally I don’t think it should really matter how old you are and what pump you use. You need to match the pump to what would fit you best and not worry what anyone else is going to think. Believe it or not, other people don’t pay all that much attention to others. I am always taking injections in public before I got my pump and no one ever noticed. My advice to you would be compare the pumps, figure out what you want in a pump and find the one that has what you want.

I have used Minimed, Disetronic (now called the Accu-Chek Spirit), and now the Animas. There is no particular pump for any given age group, as far as I can see. Medtronic definetly has the largest market share - so you’ll see more of their pumps, in every age group.

My feeling is that for each person, there is a pump that is right for them. You’ve already decided that Omni-pod is not that pump, so you are 1/4 of the way there (I consider Animas, Minimed, Cozmo, and Omni-pod to be the viable choices of pumps). All of the pumps have “smart” features - i.e. boluses that can be calculated, dual wave, multiple basal patterns, etc. The difference is the “cosmetic” features that are important to you. If you want the food diary (I love this feature), go Animas. If you want the option of integration of CGMS and pump, go Minimed (although this is actually a down side IMO after a lengthy trial of the Real-Time system - see my post on Minimed vs Dexcom in the CGMS group). If you want the integrated Freestyle meter, then Cozmo is the choice, and so on and so forth. Each has their unique bells and whistles, but the bottom line is, they all deliver insulin in a more physiologic way than you can get with injections. Try to pick the one that YOU like the best and don’t worry about what other people use. Call the pump reps and see if you can demo one or go online to the pump websites to use the “virtual pump” options. These are things that can steer you in the direction that will leave you happy with your eventual choice.

Please, when you do choose, let us know which you pick and why!