Minneapolis, Minn. area members

I hope our members, their families, and friends, in the Minneapolis Area, were spared from the bridge collapse this evening. I was watching the coverage on Fox News when I realized that Kathy (just like a woman), as well as some of those in the Great Lakes Group, lived in the Minneapolis area. Please let us know that you, and yours, are ok.

Travis Grubbs

All these members are from Minneapolis:
http://tudiabetes.com/profile/justlikeawoman, that I can think of now.

Our thoughts are with you, guys!

Hi Manny:

Thanks for the list!

Thanks Travis. We live in Minneapolis, but my husband, son, sister, and I are on vacation in Seattle right now. The rest of my family is safe. I think I am still in shock. There but for the grace of blind luck go I. That bridge is near my house and we use it frequently. I can’t even count how many times I’ve inched over that thing during rush hour. One of my “irrational” fears has always been my car going into water while my son in strapped into the backseat. I think I’m going to have issues going over bridges for a while.

Hi Clemma: Very good to hear from you! Glad to know that every one is ok. As for having issues about going over bridges, I don’t blame you. Take care.

To update: I received an e-mail from Scott Johnson late last night.

I’m okay.
As I was telling Travis, I can read blogs at work but my computer won’t let me comment.
I was on Tu Diabetes at home last night when it happened and didn’t know until I turned on the tv at 8. I thought it was footage from someplace else in the country until I saw a local newscaster on site.
I drive over that bridge several times a month, and had the U of Minn been in session, my nephew would have been jogging under it at just about that time.
I was up most of the night watching it and feel ready for a nice long snooze.
Thanks for your concern. It is somewhat tear-jerking to think that we on TD really are a “family” - I had a lot of emails waiting for me.

I’m glad to hear your ok! Sorry guys I was gone watching that on the news for the last few days!