Minute Increments?

I got a new pump, a Medtronics 523, replacing my old 722 recently, and have noticed that the .1U increments for ratios, and .005U rate increments seem to be useful? I'd always been back and forth between 8-1 (bg too low...) and 9-1 (too high...) @ lunch so I have been playing around with that, as I generally eat about the same thing and am not wildly adventurous and tried 8.3, again too low, lots of jelly beans but 8.7 today worked *really* well and I was encouraged to see that my body seemed to perceive and respond to adjustments of a precision I'd never explored before?

Now I have to fix the rest of the numbers but I was wondering if other people have noticed that these type of increments are useful to be cognizant of?


My old Cozmo used to allow I:C ratios of 1:#.5 at higher ratios. I really miss that feature! I used to use those half numbers fairly regularly, and now have to choose between things like 1:8 and 1:9 and find that sometimes, neither one works. I also find the 0.025 (or is it 0.0025?) basal increments really useful. The Cozmo also allowed for 5% adjustments of temporary basals, and the Ping is limited to 10% or 20% which I find less precise. I never understood why they made a big deal about having small basal rates, yet in other ways are less flexible with their settings. I really think this is one reason my control has been way worse on the Ping compared to the Cozmo. The annoying thing is that I theoretically could just calculate everything manually and use those finer increments, so it's not like the Ping isn't technically capable of them, just that they haven't been built in as features.

Thanks for digging up this old thread! I think the increments should be a pretty big concern to the medical industry? I know you do a much better job keeping track of data than I do Jen, but the fact that you've noticed the difference with smaller increments seems like it would be easy to fix (pumps or diluants...) and it would help people achieve a different degree of precision than they or their doctors are used to?

I guess I am sort of cocky about it but if my basal is pounding me down to 65 every day, I can turn it down, just a smidgen (I think it's .025 U/ hour...at least w/ the Medtronic -23 serie pumps...) and it seems to nudge it like 20-30 points in the right direction so I can be pretty much where I want to be. The same sort of goes for bolus ratios although I think that I sort of run my ratios a bit "hot", and eat a bit extra to make up for the "shortfall" rather than thinking about it a lot.

The Medtronic uses 1% increments for temporary basals so you can do very precise numbers, use lucky numbers (7, 13, etc.) for fun, etc.

I understand Shoshana's point about gastroparesis being very difficult to control things but it seems like, in general, with "normal" diabetes, a lot of people find it difficult to manage and think they are making mistakes when the mistake is that doctors don't do what it takes to manage insulin dosing more precisely. Since the doctors have abandoned precision, obtaining a scientifically precise result or hitting targets becomes more difficult. Pens are very popular but 1/2U increments may not be matched perfectly to everyone. Insulin is strong stuff and if you're a little bit off, it's either eat more or run high.

thanks for understanding my point about gastroparesis & irregularity, etc...