Miracle Drug

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You get a ring at the door and when you answer a stranger stands there, he shows you some very spectacular credentials and tells you he is here to offer you a cure. It’s a miracle drug. It’s guaranteed to work. It will cure you in one dose and you will never develop diabetes ever again.

You ask him how much it costs and if your insurance will cover it.

He says your insurance will not cover it but that’s OK because it doesn’t cost any money.

The cost to you is that you will have to give up something very dear to you. Forever. The cure won’t work unless the thing you give up truly does mean a whole lot to you.

Would you do it? What would you give up? Why or why not?

This is a very thought provoking question. I have never wanted anything more than to be free of my diabetes. But am I willing to give up the thing I care the most for in order to be cured?

For me the cost is obviously my husband. Am I willing to give him up? And in what way would I have to give him up? Just never interact with him again? Or more seriously, would it mean his death?

I could go the route of what Hubby would want. As I was pondering this question I decided to ask my hubby. I told him the scenario and before I could tell him the thing most dear to me he said,

“Goodbye Macie. Pack her up.” Just so you all know, Macie is my cat, and yes she is very dear to me, but not as dear as Hubby.

“You are most dear to me.” I said to Hubby. “You won’t die, but you and I could never see or interact with each other ever again…”

“I’d say do it.” He replied with zero hesitation.

“Why? You’d live without me?” I feigned hurt.

“I’d be OK with it because I’d know you’d be healthy. I want you to be healthy and happy.”

OK, so I have the answer to my scenario.

What’s yours?

Tamra, I read this first thing this morning. It brought tears to my eyes. I hate my diabetes too, I hate what it’s doing to my kidneys, eyes, energy level, mental health and who knows what else. But I could never give up my husband. ever. I love him.


There are a few things more important than being free of Type 1. They have been part of my life for 40 some years and Type 1 only moved in May 2009. Type 1 can bite me, but you’ll have to pry my trombone from my cold, dead hands. Even then, it’s gonna take two hands and a foot in the chest to do the job.


I wouldn’t give up any of my loved ones, including my sweet cat, who passed away this last August.
I was such a wreck when she died. Still miss her :cry:
But speaking of cats, at one time many years ago I had 8 cats. I hadn’t intended on having that many but one of them had 5 kittens. My boyfriend at the time was furious, and said “Either the cats go or I go!” lol
Its not like I was going to keep all of them, but I wanted to keep 3 or 4. He said “No! Only one!” That’s when I put my foot down and said “My cats love me Herbert, that’s more than I can say for you!” Not to be mean but he totally deserved that. He didn’t bring it up again.

What would I give up for a cure? Maybe the roof over my head, I’m not sure. Because I could always go to a shelter for a while then get on my feet and start again. Not sure about that though.

The closest I’ve come to thinking of this is, “Which problem would I choose to lose if I could, my back-pain or my diabetes?” It would be the diabetes. The 2 problems go horribly together because I love my walks outside, and used to go on long walks all the time, but now that Im type 1, I have to carry my diabetic stuff with me everywhere I go which hurts my back…can’t even lift my 9 and 1/2 lb chihuahua without my back getting all twisted. Don’t mean to vent but its really lame."

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This post reminds me of the movie “Needful Things”. This elderly guy moves into a small town and opens a little store. Nobody knows he’s the devil. And he sells a lot of unusual fascinating gadgets. Everything in his store is “free”, but the person has to do something for it. The kind of things he has them do is always something that’s making trouble to another person in the town, and the thing is, he knows what everyone needs or wants as soon as they walk in the store—something they think they can’t live without, and its suddenly right there for them. By almost the end of the movie, he has the whole town pitted against each other in total chaos. Not exactly an uplifting movie but really well done.

But on a brighter note, your post has reminded me that there ARE some things I can give up sometimes to make things better (not perfect but better). Like, I have a bad habit of over-lapping my rapid insulin because I want my snack “now”, not later. Or I’ll scarf down something I want and try to smooth things out later, not able then to get a handle on the highs, and stuck in the “roller-coaster” all day. So in my case, if I was to give up those bad habits, the pay off would be taking care of my health better, not using up as many strips, not as many lows and yucky glucose tablets, etc.

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Sorry to hear about your cat. We had our 18yo put down a few weeks back. :disappointed:

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We crossed many of life’s bridges together. I wouldn’t want to be here without her.


aaaaaw what a beautiful kitty! I know, its so sad. They’re all so different and unique like people.

This is my sweet Misty. Your cat looks really sweet too!

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So many have answered what they would or would not give up.

What happens if you don’t have something to give up? Some with Diabetes also fall into clinical depression and it makes me wonder if they would have something or a someone to give up.

As for me…I would keep the Diabetes. Once things are stable it can be a tiny part of our lives.

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Never. Every human being on this earth is going to have health problems and ultimately die. I wouldn’t trade a lifetime without diabetes for one day without my wife.


That’s what I said to my husband. We’re all going to die, I’d rather live with him just as things are than be “healthy” without him. But I thought it was very loving, courageous, and sweet of him to be willing to sacrifice his happiness with me in order to know I was healthy.

I also pointed out to him, though, that even if I were cured of diabetes, that doesn’t mean I’d be cured of all the complications I suffer. They might get better, but probably would never completely go away.

In the end, I probably would pass on the cure, no matter how much I suffer with this damned disease. I don’t think I’d be happy without my man, even if I were healthy.

Sorry if in my post I lead people to think I had chosen to give up my hubby for a cure. I intended it to be Hubby’s choice, but mine remained unspoken.


32 years with T1. You should really look at Jardiance with your doctor. It’s been a miracle for me. I’ve never seen better blood sugars. Most people blogging about it are experiencing the same results.

There’s no wonderful drug and doctors play the game with drugs. so I have a ooc who won’t gamble with drugs and I was told that I should take lipitor and cumidin and statins 10 years later I am still here!!! And the old saying from Endos there’s a Cure within tghe next 10 years. Yeah right pull the other one!!!

Haven’t seen the movie but love the story. Good ol’ Stephen King.

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There actually is a drug that cures all forms of diabetes. Unfortunately, it cannot be manufactured because the key ingredient is the rare element unobtainium.

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It will be abundantly available in the future however. They have tons of it on Star Trek.

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Actually I think I heard somewhere that they anticipate discovering a major source of supply within 5 years.

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I finally figured out about that one though. See, the trick is, they never specify which five years. I’m going with 2025-2040.

Hmmm. Now I think about it, that’s right. They just say, “within five years”. They never specify which five. Good catch.


Sorry, just had to write that I luv that reply!