For you new moms – I just found out from Medtronic that those awful stretch marks that SOME of us still have after many, many years, are NOT scar tissue, and you CAN use your lower abdomen for pump sites. So a couple of days ago, I put a set in there for the first time in 12 years, and voila! it works! :slight_smile:

DO remember to wash your hands before testing if at all possible. The other day, I tested and got a 203, when I DON’T remember handling anything sugary. But I washed, because it was an unusual reading, and voila! (again) I had a 125! Good thing I didn’t correct for the 203!

I just saw a video highlight from the Christine Kessler presentation at AADE called Food, Fat, and Satiety. Of course, she couldn’t cover it all, but she admitted that carbs make you fat. Amazing! Here’s the link, if you can access it (may need to take out membership):

And finally, I’m having very good results using Joseph’s Lavash Bread from Netrition.com – no financial interest here, just reporting on it. It’s a flatbread good for making wraps when you don’t want to eat your tuna salad out of a bowl.

More later as I think of it!

I was going to mention this to you. You don’t need a membership except to post.

For amusement, read a few posts down from this one on Type 2 and avoiding carbs.

I think I am hated as much as Bernstein.

If they are in Vegas, where are the slot machines, tequila and wolverines?

I am watching video#1 and it’s sort of interesting but I am wondering why they can’t just say that “potato chips are addictive” without all the rocket science?

You confirmed my suspicions! I stumbled upon that site last summer after I started the pump & was having problems with Apidra. It makes for some amusing reading - sad, but true. I can’t believe they consider a diet of 45-65% carbs as “moderate” carb. Truth be told, they don’t have experience with low carb people to know that it works and we can do it long term because low carb people don’t use their services. Once people realize they are being fed a pile of dog manure, they are out the door. I didn’t realize that Dr. B was a “self proclaimed” doctor. I thought he actually went to medical school. He is living proof of what he writes so who really cares if he did a study to back up his claims.

Because you apparently have to have a study to back up your claims - that fact that you and most everyone else can’t just stop at one is not proof enough that they are addictive!

Interesting that Medtronic says it’s not scar tissue. My Endo advised me not to use my lower abdomen but, after over using the same spots I decided to try my lower abdomen and go inbetween the so called “scar tissue” and it seems to work for me too.

Couldn’t find any posts from you or anyone else on T2 and avoiding carbs. Can you point me more specifically in their direction? (Or maybe they’ve been taken down?)

Check FB!

Well, as Kelly said, they regard anecdotes as just that – not proving anything. The only possible value, to them, of anecdotes, is to point a direction for a study, if even that.

You CAN’T be professional without studies. Maybe the people with anecdotes are unique (no matter how many of them) and maybe they’re lying to you. Just look at the snake-oil ads with their testimonials.

I do appreciate their caution, but wish they’d listen to us more, and do the studies which really matter to us.

I didn’t even bother to go between. But my stretch marks are 38 years old, and totally faded into white lines, and if they’re just stretched skin, who cares? When this site is finished, I’m going to try more on my lower abdomen, because my midriff has been used non-stop for 12 years, and I have a CGM there as well, and I think it deserves a rest!

I also have a CGM but, I haven’t tried it on my lower abdomen yet.

Thanks to Kelly, I found the discussion, and read your posts. I was actually encouraged that a fair proportion of the responders were NOT opposed to low-carb. Of course, Hopeless Warshaw cannot be convinced, but her time will pass. And I put in a few (hopefully) polite comments talking about my experience and asking for more studies that study truly low-carb diets, and not fake ones. I appreciate your advocacy, because if we PWDs don’t do it for ourselves, no one will! :slight_smile:

Or maybe do some tests that “push the envelope” a bit, do some “exploring” rather than “maintaining”?

Now you have gone and done it. I’ve posted there for about 18 months, treading gently so I don’t get banned. There are clearly some people who are forward thinking on that forum, but there is a big group of Hope worshipers. My whole point of being there is to drive change from within. So while I would love to debate Hope, the point is I want to enlist them to think, to learn and to help patients who choose low carb diets.

Dr. B is a medical doctor and he is also a Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology, the American College of Nutrition and the American College of Certified Wound Specialists. His full CV shows that he is extremely qualified and recognized by his peers. Hope Warshaw hates Dr. B, as they have been adversaries for literally decades. He has repeatedly humiliated her and she will never forget it.

That’s high praise to be as hated as much Dr. B, bsc!

I’ve been told that Hope’s books are published by the ADA. If they are, no big surprise there.