Misdiagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes?


Thank you so much for your comment. We are working rigorously to find the right treatment for our son. Mainly I feel partly responsible for his illness as I was affected by chemical weapons in Iraq during my service, but in my defense I didn’t fully understand how badly I was contaminated at the time my wife got pregnant, otherwise I wouldn’t have had children at all… Luckily only one of the twins is sick, and congress is supposed to make a ruling in early 2019 on giving full medical coverage to those men and women who served in Iraq that were affected by WMD’s! We are currently exploring all medical options concerning our child’s illness. We will find a cure! This is war!!!

BTW, a Vegan diet can cure Type 2 Diabetes just to let you know and there’s a ton of documentaries on it if you’re willing to open that door.

Best regards,

Mr. Fox


May I ask this question, if your belief that your son has pancreatitis is proven to be wrong will you then accept the diagnosis that you were given.


Of course I would concede the point and accept my sons diagnosis as soon as these glorified drug pushers preform the proper tests that need to be done in order to give my son the right diagnosis. You think that these people are infallible, which they are not! Hopefully one day you will realize that these people put on their pants the same way you do… they are not smarter than you or more informed! The whole reason they hide websites like ”Pub-Med” is to keep you uninformed. Truly, you can’t be this naive!?! Medical malpractice is the leading cause of death. Prove me wrong! Over 210,000 people are misdiagnosed per year, and you believe these doctors are competent? Buddy, I’m about to break your program!!! You have Type 2 Diabetes that can be cured with the right diet. Will you neglect what famous philosophers taught us?

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


Would you call Hippocrates misinformed? No, that would be arrogant! Surely you’re not arrogant, are you? Type 2 Diabetes can be cured… PERIOD! But, are you willing to make the changes necessary to facilitate your recovery? I’m thinking NOT!


Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


Please Mr Fox, There is no need to be defensive. I and most everyone here agrees that doctors can and do make mistakes. I whole heartily support your quest for the correct diagnosis, I just do not want you to be blinded by your mistrust for the medical community and not see the truth when it is right there in front of you.

I want the best for your child just as you.


There isn’t a definitive definition for type 1 or type 2 that I’m aware of, its a combinations of factors that lead to a diagnosis.

It seems common to misdiagnose type 1 as type 2 but I’ve never heard of anything being diagnosed type 1 when they were actually type 2.

If he may be type 1 a few blood test will tell you a lot.

  1. GAD65 antibody
  2. IA-2 antibody
  3. C-Peptide
  4. A1C

If he is type 1 and still producing some insulin there is evidence starting insulin early will slow the progression of the disease.

If you can retain any insulin production it makes type 1 easier to manage.

In my case I was diagnosed 7 months ago and started insulin. So far I take a low amount of insulin and my insulin needs have not gone up.

My TDD is 11-14 units of insulin. I keep my carbs per-day to around 100 which is probably half what I used to eat.

Best wishes to you and your family.


Just remember it’s a bit more complicated than this. Insulin is a hormone that no one can live without and diabetes was a death sentence until a few of my countrymen were able to produce injectable insulin - and they didn’t produce it or sell it for a profit. Improvements in insulin have allowed type 1 diabetics to lead more flexible and easier lives. There are numerous problems in the pharma industry and with pricing but a better treatment has not yet come along, and newer insulins are superior to insulins from the 1930s
for most people. You can treat type 1 with diet in the sense that restricting carbs will require less insulin than eating whatever you want, but the problem is every type 1 still needs insulin just as everyone else still needs insulin, non-diabetics just don’t have to inject it since they can produce as much as they need.


It strikes me as odd that a medical professional would refuse to return your calls or give you the full details of their assessment. I wouldn’t trust the results of someone who would refuse to respond to me.

If you are not comfortable with your diabetes team, I would find a third medical professional to help you.

As far as fat goes, I agree with others - it does affect blood sugar differently than low fat meals, and can do so for days. I can’t speak to the sweating and nausea though. That is not something we experience and does seem to be something other than diabetes related.

It’s been 8 months since your son’s diagnosis. That’s a long time to wait to become comfortable with the advice you are getting. I’m sorry you are having this trouble.


When you did the fat test what kind of fat did you use?


ah ‘low insulin doses’ does not mean cured. it means lowering doses, we all do that, especially when first diagnosed. he could be honeymooning. antibiotics have nothing to do with type 1 diabetes.


I would not hesitate getting a 2nd opinion if you are in doubt. It is quite possible your son is a T1 but going through a strong honeymoon period which would seem like he is non T1. Quite often people come off insulin altogether for a period. Many people go out of their way to extend this period for as long as possible, though I know that some people are happy when this period comes to an end because it often brings with it much unpredictability in terms of blood sugar levels.
What concerns me is your low fat approach. There are theee macro nutrients - fat, protein and carbohydrates. The only one humans can manage without is carbs (we create as much glucose as we need). By lowering fat you will by default increase carbohydrates which is exactly what diabetics are unable to handle without injections. If it works well for your son right now and he is in fact a t1, I can only think he is honeymooning as described above. If he wears a cgm his levels should never rise above 7mmol or 126 mg/dl. But withholding fat is extremely severe as the human body absolutely need fat.
As you are doing research I would absolutely recommend reading the book Diabetes Solution by Dr Richard Bernstein. He believes in a low carb approach and has been advocating this for decades. He is a T1 himself and probably the most knowledgable expert on the condition. Wether you choose his regimen or not the book should form part of any t1’s info arsenal, in my opinion. My own A1C since following his regimen after 37 years of trying to carb count (and failing), is now below 4.8.


I note also that above you wrote that a vegan diet can cure diabetes. Please note that not all Type 2’s are insulin resistant. Some, like myself, have a pancreas that doesn’t produce much insulin, as shown in C-peptide tests. I will always need insulin, not a Type 1 because of the anti-body situation. It cannot be cured by vegan diet.


Can understand your frustrations and mistrust. Of concerns are what you observe as possible Pancreatitis, better control without fats and refusal of 2nd doctor to communicate. Why does 2nd refuse to communicate, in defense of 1st doctor, hospital or hiding an error they made?? As mentioned, I would locate a 3rd and acquire ALL previous records to have ‘facts in hand’.
Please do not turn against this community. I think many of the comments were to be sure you are thinking of all possibilities while doing the best for your child that you can.


Right…that’s why T1 is not being used as a moniker as much… opting instead for Insulin Dependent Diabetes.


@Mr_Fox one of the reasons your child is having problems with high fat diets is that fat binds to glucose in the bloodstream, hence slowing its absorption. The insulin regimen he is on is not tuned to handle these long tail carb meals. For instance, I can a eat a 40g carb meal like Ezekiel cereal and all the carb is absorbed in 2 hours… or I can eat 40g of Pizza and it would take 5 hours to absorb. Huge difference and requires two different insulin treatment approaches.

If indeed he has diabetes (and by all accounts its sounds very likely - but would rule out pancreatitis) then the regimen that you’ve been taught is dead wrong. When sugars are high like you describe? Exercise! Will take the BGs down quickly.

I know its hard right now, but the tools are now in place to make diabetes a chronic illness rather than something more dreadful. And major advances are happening every day.

Where may I ask are you located in the country? Happy to recommend some great diabetic medical and support teams.

Finally, I’d push T2D out of your mind… at the end of the day, it’s an entirely separate disorder than T1D… different etiology, treatment etc. Its a shame they both have the word ‘diabetes’ in them.


Type 2 cannot be cured but Experts advise that, in some people although not all, it can be managed in such a way through diet/exercise to eliminate the symptoms. Having said that Experts make plain a person is always a carrier and there are many fit and health people with healthy diets that still require medication and those that require medication in later years. Everybody is entitled to use their best endeavours to manage any condition in response to a medical diagnosis. I think it’s really important that further clinical tests rather than an someone reviewing your sons notes alone to ensure a definitive diagnosis is given in the event you are not satisfied and/or have been led to believe errors were made in respect of the initial diagnosis without delay as complications from delaying treatment for any condition may have an adverse inference on his health.


Real simple. Ask for the results of his C-Peptide Test.


My endo says there are really only 2 types of diabetics…those requiring insulin and those that don’t.


Just to clarify something said upthread:
Medical malpractice is actually the third leading cause of death, not the first. In any case, it’s difficult to know since the CDC uses ICD codes to track mortality.


ah, sorry…there IS no cure for type 1 or type 2, type 2 can certainly be managed with diet and exercise…but the moment that said type 2 gains weight again or it’s normally, their BG’s with go high. Also, we’ve never CURED 1 disease in this country, ever. so your vegan diet is nonsense. Have no idea what you’re talking about chemical weapons and pregnancy…this also makes no sense?