Misleading Photos? Or just my eyes going bad?

I was looking on the pump companies websites and I couldn’t help but come across the purple minimed picture. In pics of people with the pump on it looks a ton darker than this photo. It is my eyes playing tricks on me or what is the real colour purple. How light and or dark…How does it compare to the black MiniMed…is there a noticable difference?

Check out the attachment and let me know your input.
8066-minimedpurple.bmp (678 KB)

Yes there is a noticable difference in colors. The purple is a bright purple. It is a very pretty color. I ask for the rep to bring out the purple pump when I was deciding on a pump. I would have gone with the purple pump if I would have chosen a minimed pump.

It’s much lighter than the black - you can tell it’s purple. I think the photo you attached matches what I’ve seen from their reps.

I have the purple pump–and it looks darker against a darker bakcgroud/clothes and that bright when against white or other light colors…love my purple pump I do

The pic looks a bit lighter than the actual pump.
You can definitely tell the difference between the purple and black. I"m glad I went with purple.
I recently noticed someone on the subway w/ a blue minimed and it was even brighter than the pics.

I also have a purple pump, and doesn’t even come close to looking black! I’ve also had a blue one, and yes the blue is alot brighter.

i had a blue one and yes it was really cool. the black is too blah and the clear is great. but purple being my favourite colour had to be it. so i will be getting it tomorrow or friday. hoping for tomorrow tho!

I have anAnimas 2020 that’s blue.If the purple one had come out sooner I probably would have gone with the Minimed.

I have a Purple MM and in my not-so-great living room light it looks a bit darker than your picture. You can most definitely tell it’s purple. I really like that it’s not a light purple. My last pump was blue (also MM) and I was happy with that color as well. I really, really wish MM would add green to the list!

how about multi coloured, or better yet pick your own colour and have it custom made!

Pumper4Life: YUP! It’s purple! I insisted on one when I got mine in April. I LOVE IT!!! Lois La Rose

Good news fellow pumpers! I have officially been approved for an insulin pump upgrade! Apparently when MiniMed did their paperwork for my last one they screwed up the date for my insurance to approve a new pump. I was technically eligible for an upgrade in May of 08 NOT May of 09! Take that Insurance Co.! LOL! I am getting a Clear MiniMed Paradigm Real Time (522) Insulin Pump! YAY! I also pointed out the mistake that MiniMed made reading my script for a 512 NOT 712! I have no use for this large reservoir pump and it doesn’t fit anywhere my 511 did! So what a great way to kick off my new year! NEW PUMP, NEW YEAR, NEW is well…THE NEW in THING!

Off topic but has anyone noticed that since Medtronic acquired MiniMed that customer service has taken a steep nosedive into the toilet? Or am I just imagining things? It used to be so easy for me to get supplies, shop for necessities, and everything was what it was supposed to be…

There actually used to be a green one! When I had my old 508 (got it about 8 years ago), it was green, but I believe Minimed stopped with the green when they came out with the Paradigm series. I was so bummed! I would have kept getting the green - it was dark green, really pretty - but I have switched to the clear for my last two pumps. Almost went with purple for this latest upgrade, then changed my mind at the last minute…