Miss New Hampshire, Type 1

Here is a T1 beauty, Miss New Hampshire, 2016. She is wearing an insulin pump in the picture below.

While the premise of “Miss Anything” competitions ruffles my feminist feathers, I applaud this young woman for wearing her insulin pump proudly!


Ms Idaho did it last year as well-- even in the swimsuit portion

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A beautiful type one. I relate to those sheepish eyes. She looks healthy.

Not a huge fan of beauty pageants, but i feel that girls like Sierra Sandison or this girl here can encourage other people who are not as confident in wearing their pancreas on their hip and tell them that beauty can come in all shapes and sizes.
I really loved the picture of Caroline and the runner up embracing before the winner was announced, and you could see her dexcom prominently on her arm.



My hero! =)

First and foremost, I do not myself have diabetes. My 13-year-old daughter does. My comment was not meant to be hurtful, and please accept my sincerest apologies for the fact that you’ve clearly been hurt. (So much so that you found it necessary to send me a PM containing a barely-veiled threat.) Please take some time and think about your comment and how very much it objectifies women. No one, women included, should be judged, admired, or discriminated against based on their appearance, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Everyone needs to take a breath here!!! Too many assumptions!

I asked you to stop. There’s no need to write back. I want you to not contact me.

Well… Technically she is a contestant in a beauty pageant… Pretty much the entire concept is judging and admiring women based on their appearance-- if she feels that way she might be in the wrong line of work…Just sayin;)

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My point exactly, Sam19! Which is why these pageants rub me the wrong way…

And Aaron: I never “contacted” you. In fact, you are the one who PM’d me. While no one (myself included) has to like or agree with what anyone posts on this Forum, the fact remains that this is a Forum. I, like you and everyone else, takes a calculated risk when they post something on a public Forum: the risk that anyone can comment on their post. I may not like a particular reply from someone when I post something, but I accept this risk when I post replies that anyone and everyone can read.