Missing a HUGE Part of My Life

31 days ago my grandpa passed away. Its probly not good that I keep up with the days, but I do. Thanksgiving was so hard without him. I just kept thinking “he should be here, and he’s not.” Eventually I locked myself away. Hidden in my room, I finally let myself cry. I usually dont cry, no matter how bad something hurts. I usually tell myself its not a good enough reason to cry…
my friend Riah has been helping me (ok so her names Mariah but I call her Riah). She lost her grandpa to cancer too. Only she was a senior in high school when she lost hers and Im a sophmore. Now she’s in college. There have been days where I just wanted to run away from everything. Those are the days I text Riah and ask her when we can go hang out. Then a few days later when neither of us is busy she’ll come up and get me (she lives right down the road from me) and we’ll go back down to her house and just hang out for a while.
Riah is pretty much just like me, only 4 years older. I have so many questions about whats going on and what Im feeling right now and since Riah already went through it and she’s like me, she can answer most of them.
But it still hurts. Everything hurts. I dont know what to do. The only thing I know how to do is text Riah because she knows what to tell me. There are times I want to scream "Help me!"

There is no problem with crying and sometimes there are good reason for crying. Everyone deals with this life challenge in different ways and there is no one way that it should be dealt with and there is no time frame that is should be dealt in. Sometimes the best thing someone does for you is to be there for you. It is a good thing that you have someone that you can go to and talk or just hang.

Sometimes if you need to just scream go ahead and scream, cry , or do whatever you need to help yourself through this tough time. The one thing I learned is there is no one way to get through this tough time. Opening up in this blog and sharing your tough time is not easy but time heals. May God be with you through your tough times in life

Hi Brandi,

Very sorry about your loss. I felt adrift when my grandma died. She was a most special person to me & she made me feel special. She called me “her darling” & I loved her with all my heart. I’ll always love her & always miss her. Grandparents are the best. They love us, think we’re perfect, have time for us & spoil us. My grandmother took my side on everything, much to the annoyance of my mother!

Of course it still hurts:( Hurts for a while. Your heart will heal, I promise. Losing someone leaves a hole. Everything seems strange & empty with your grandpa.

Glad you have Riah to talk to & who understands. What a great friend.

Cry when you need to & as much as you want. Helps to get the emotions out & it’s not healthy to hold them back. Crying helps with the healing of your grief. You’re honoring your grandpa by feeling so sad without him.

I am so sorry you lost your Grandpa. My mom died on November 26 two years ago, so the anniversary of her death was on Thanksgiving this year. I miss her so much and I still talk about her to my friends. For me, the hurt is still there, but it’s not as sharp. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.