Mission Impossible

Housten, Housten. Come in, Housten.

Static crackling.

GottaproblemHousten. Do you copy?

Housten here. What’s the 411?

Glucometer reading a cranky 52 mg/dl. Advice?

15 carb glucose liquid, 2 tabs. Recheck in 15.

Copy that. That bag of Doritos and Cheez Whiz is lookin’ pretty fine, though.

Loud thump- muffled swearing.

Housten here. Listen, Heidi, this is your Endocrinologist. If you touch those chips, you’re a dead women when you get back to earth. Comprende?

With all respect, Doc, if I DON’T touch them I’ll be a dead diabetic. I got the shakes pretty bad.

You’ll live.

Thanks, Housten. Awesome pep talk there. Good thing my buddies know how to give glucagon. Check back soon, over and out.

Some time later…

Housten to Flight 091981, over. How’s the bg holding up?

Flight 091981, repeat, not too bad. That is, after 20 minutes it was 117. Ate a 90 carb pizza and didn’t go up for 2.5 hours but besides that, at least its not low anymore.


Planet Target, Housten. My absolute favorite spot in the entire world.

Stay out of Target-that place is bad Karma.

I know, Housten. Over and Out.

Can’t figure out how to put spaces in here?

Are you kidding that you were in Target??? I have a low EVERYTIME I go to Target.

guess I’m not the only one-geez! As much as I love that place, it really brings on those lows!

LOL! Thankyou!! I dont have a Target around here… but WalMart does the same thing for me! I can walk in with a number sitting around 150 and walk out an hour later with a number of 90 to 100.
MeadowLark … nothing like walking for exercise!

I heard that stimulating/overstimulating places can cause blood sugar to drop - like, new social situations, parties, or… Target. So it’s not just walking the aisles, it’s all the flourescent lights and sale signs and decision making too.

Before I read that I was always puzzled as to why I would get so low so quick while shopping since it’s not any more exercise than I do every day walking to the train, etc.

I love getting low when I’m out shopping. Both Wal-Mart and Target have those snack-size bags of Haribo Gummy Bears (the little gold bag) and I convince myself it’s ok to eat them when I’m low and shopping.

Or, I’ll grab a Coke and some Goldfish. Or a Heath Bar… I’m terrible, I know.