Mistakes Are The Best!

This was originally posted to my blog, Diabetes Odyssey.

Just a thought I was having as I was treating a low at 1:30 this morning.

In every single aspect of our life mistakes are a wonderful thing. By making mistakes, having accidents, screwing up, however you want to word it, these things facilitate learning, growing, maturing, etc… Culture and society groom us to view mistakes as bad things, but they aren’t, they are an immensely important and very positive part of living.

If you don’t make mistakes how are you going to learn and improve?

To scientists mistakes and accidents are praised, expected, and can be downright exciting. Because from here real progress can be made.

Just take the discovery of insulin, how to purify it, and how to mass produce it, for examples. All of these journeys were filled with mistakes and accidents and these mistakes and accidents led to understanding, learning, and advancements. In the end millions of lives have been saved!

Mistakes happen in all aspects of life, even in our diabetes care and health:

  • Forgetting to give basal insulin (for those on MDI)
  • Forgetting to check BG
  • Forgetting to bolus
  • Under or over bolusing
  • Binge eating to treat a low
  • Overindulging on cake, or pizza, or whatever you like
  • Forgetting to reorder prescriptions/supplies on time
  • Flying into a fit of rage and then melting to the floor and drowning in a pool of your own tears because…something diabetes

Every single diabetic out there has had more than one of these things happen more than once… And many other mistakes not listed.

It’s OK to be human, it’s OK to make mistakes, it’s expected, and believe it or not it is a good thing!

We learn from them, we improve upon our care and ourselves because of what we’ve learned from our mistakes.

We need now to learn to stop beating ourselves up over our mistakes.

We persevere.

We always keep trying.


Excellent post. I completely agree, mistakes are valuable opportunities to learn from. This is a lesson I try to reinforce with my children. Unfortunately our education system doesn’t value mistakes.

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I agree with you that mistakes are just a part of life. As long as we view them that way and not a judgement on our worth as humans, we can learn a lot. I’m especially fond of this sentiment:

Always make new mistakes.