Mixed reviews

Just threw my first pen away, I believe I started mid April, so the 30 day expiration is wrong. I still had a little left, but it was looking cloudy. Anyways, I'm waiting cuz I think the cons out weigh the pros. I absolutely hate being hungry all the time, but when I do eat I like to take my time and enjoy it. When I take Symlin I feel I have to rush before my stomach closes up. Sometimes I can't even finish my meal, then I worry that I'm gonna go too low. Towards the end my sugars would be fine until about 4 hours after, and it was just getting old. My post eating levels aren't that bad right now, but next week may be different:)Right now I'm trying the green coffee bean extract. Thats supposed to slow the release of glucose in your system, but it definitely does not help with hunger.