MM CGM and Windows 7

Hi all,
I have a MM CGM and a Paradigm 522 Pump and a Windows 7 computer. As of now, I haven’t been able to upload reports or my CGM data to my computer because I can’t get it to be compatible with Windows 7. Every time I sign on to myCarelink (using Internet Explorer, signed in as the administrator, as the CGM manual says to do), I get “Java to Javascript communication failed” … I’ve made sure that my Java is up to date, and I’ve called Medtronic, but the person that I talked to said that she didn’t know what to do, and to call back at another time when I could talk to someone else. So far, I haven’t had time to do that because of my school schedule, and Medtronic’s schedule. Any suggestions from my DOC? Anyone else go through this trying to upload CGM data? I really want to be able to upload my CGM to get the reports so that I can get the most out of my CGM… that is really one of the most crucial parts of HAVING a CGM! Not having the reports to go on is SO SUPER FRUSTRATING! I trip the alarm, see the graphs on my pump screen, but then can’t see the long term data because I can’t upload the CGM data. I’m SO happy that I’ve found you all here at Tudiabetes and the rest of the DOC because my doctor has NO CLUE how to upload the CGM stuff, and my diabetes educator is out long term right now, and I’ll be seeing a different educator who is filling in for her in two weeks, so if I can’t figure it out before then, hopefully, the other educator will be able to help me.
Hope that one of you will be more computer literate than I am and be able to help me with this bump with my CGM.
Thanks in advance, tudiabetes and DOC! :slight_smile:
~ Aliza

I had the same problem…In fact, it had my frustrated for a long while before I read the instructions on Medtronic’s website:

It’s a wierd process, but as long as you follow the directions exactly, it should work. Be sure to follow the “additional steps” they include for installing CareLink on Windows 7:

I hope that helps! =)

Hello Aliza,
I am an IT guy at a local hospital, have a MM 722 and a CGM. Well you have a few options, it all depends how far you want to take the issue. MM CareLink website sometimes does not like IE7 or 8 (Internet Explorer). Win7 comes with IE8. I maintain an XP system with IE6 for my CareLink. For the past few hours, I have been trying to install it on my Win7 Enterprise 64-bit with no luck It looks like it is a driver related issue. I did get the java error you reported but once I reloaded java and did the steps listed in the above article by ‘Fashionably Sweet’ that went away.

I believe that the underline issue is drivers for the CareLink USB in Win7 and not with Java as the error message as it infers. I have a system at work that has Microsoft Virtual PC installed. I am going to try to get it to work. There was an article I found that this was successful.

I removed all the registry keys, and files as mentioned by JohnG and it would see the driver but said there was a problem with the Services listed in the .inf file. I compared the .inf file with what was in my XP system and even copied it over and still did not have any luck.

I know it is possible to run it in Windows 7 without having to “hack” your system to make it work; it is just a matter of finding the right fix. These kind of issues I deal with all the time at work with other devices so I find them challenging and fun… (Geeky I know!!) so what ever I find tomorrow I will post. In the mean time if you want to try to try to set up here is the link.


Did that, checked all of the FAQs that MM has and am still SO frustrated because I’m getting the Java to Javascript error! I’m going to ask my father to look at it tonight to see if he can figure it out, but anyone have any more advice?
~ Aliza

Yea was able to make it work!!.. I had to install Virtual PC for Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise. then in the XP environment I did the normal install through the web page. in the Virtual PC i had to allow it to see the USB ports.

running it natively it Win-7 64 with IE8 I could not make it work… Come on MiniMed!! get on the ball!!

reply back and ill give better directions…
Robert ( A geek with nothing better to do!)