MM Sensors

We have been battling a no win battle with our MM sensors for the last few months. They have gone from lasting at least 6 days, usually a few more days, to getting almost 4 days, sometimes a few hours more. In a moment of shear frustration, I emailed MM with my disappointment. They emailed back saying I would have to call technical support for troubleshooting.

Since that email we have moved to the arm to see if it makes a difference. We are only on day 2, so I can't say yet. What I want to know is if anyone else has seen such a noticable drop in duration of sensor life?

We have a new Paradigm pump with sensors that we are waiting to start. Have been reading of your and other people’s frustration with the new sensors and possibly the transmitter for a few months now. Makes me fervently wish we had gone with the Dexcom… although I don’t know if insurance covers the Dex. Will be watching all posts regarding this with great interest and hope we got a good box of sensors and workable transmitter. P.S. If MM sensors are only going to last three days, I find that unacceptable as the insertion process and huge introducer needle – well, no way are we putting her through a sensor site change every three days.