Mobile Device Users

Just curious how many mobile device users there are out there. You know, Blackberries, Treos, iPhones, etc. Wondering if we got some groups together if we could convince diabetic software providers to create log books, carb databases, etc. for mobile devices. Might help us keep better records, but I don’t know if I’m in the minority being a Treo user.

Chime on in.

i’m waiting on the software for the iPhone 3g.

I’m also an iphone 3G user.

I’d like to give the software of Amy Tenerdich’s Diabetes Mine design challenge (Log For Life) a try. =)

I am a blackberry user, but logging software isn’t a high priority for me since I always forget to log and I can just download my settings from my pump to my computer.

At a recent meeting (AACE in Orlando, May 2008), I saw a Dexcom CGMS that was Bluetooth enabled. The data was transmitted to a Blackberry and had a lot more tools than the current model. It eliminated the traditional reciever. I’m not sure of the time frame for release to the public, but I think this type of thing is coming soon! I could also picture Omnipod moving towards the same technology. Mick

I use an iPhone but not to log anything. I would consider keeping a list of foods and their carb amount or installing software if Calorie King comes out with an iPhone version of their program. Otherwise I let my pump handle all of the logging. I could never do what it does as far as data, especially since I use CGM and there are hundreds of BG values when I upload my data.

I have the first gen iphone. When jailbroken, the only BG input software out there was pretty lame, so I didn’t use it. I un-broke it and updated to the new software package so I could use the apps store. Still nothing usable out there.

Calorie King does have a mobile app. It works much better than trying to access calorie king on safari.

Calorie King just needs to come out with an iPhone version. Which would be a smart move IMO!!

I just switched from the Treo to the iPhone. I never used my mobile device to log bgs or carb intake since my meter and pump and cgms already do that. I can just upload the data when I need to look at it, print it or play with it. For me it would be double work to move the data from one mobile device (meter/pump/cgm) to another (iPhone) just to move again to my Mac, where I would be sending it in the first place.


For carb counts, mobile devices are really useful for me. I used the free USDA database on my Treo. ( It lists over 7,000 food items.

For the iPhone, until something better comes along there is a program named “Diet” which is similar to the USDA database, but costs $4.99. It lists 7,250 food items. I used this to replace the USDA database.

There is also the free “Restaurant Nutrition” app, which gives nutrition info for fast food and chain restaurants and it $4.99 counterpart “Mint Nutrition” which includes a calculating function.


I would like it if I could tell my pump/cgms to upload data and dipslay on my phone (tilt). Since they are both bluetooth and rf capable it should be doable.

I use a pocket pc. I would love software for it. There is not software that I have found that runs on a pocket pc.

I have a Blackberry now, but for several years I was using a Palm Zire, and I did have software for that. I could enter BG’s, insulin, and there was a huge food database. It was really great and easy to use.

Crackberry here. Company issue though so I’m not sure if I would be able to download software on it other than what they already have.

A lot of current cellphones have Web access. Subscription services such as SweetSpot are completely web-based and may be accessible from your cellphone (it’s not accessible from my Verizon LG Env2, but that’s an issue I’m going to forward to the developers) to input, view, and manage your diabetes data.

The free version of The Daily Plate is searchable by any Web 2.0 browser; if you wish to log your food as well, you will need to sign up for the paid-subscription (“Gold” level).

I use a Blackberry Curve. Like others, I wouldn’t use it or any other separate device to log as I can download that info directly from my pump to my pc. There are some handy programs that I might try out. There’s one that works with the GPS to “track exercise actvitiy by monitoring speed, calories burned, and distance traveled during outdoor workouts” (from…)

I might also use an app that lists foods, carb counts, calories.

Handango does have a few diabetes specific apps, along with other medical apps at

Update to this: I’ve gone to the paid subscription for The Daily Plate. Access through Web 2.0 phone is very basic: I’m unable to log anything other than food, and I’m not able to successfully assign that food to a particular meal without re-adding the food. I’m also unable to delete any foods through the Web 2.0 interface.

absolutely agree. Right now I have bookmarked on my iPhone.

I have the 1 gen Iphone! I have tried using one of the new apps Diabetic log but I can’t keep up with it. Not enough time to sit and input info

Just thought I'd drop this in here for anyone who might come across it. I've developed this web app to help with my own insulin and carbohydrate calculations. I created a version that anyone can use because so many people wanted to know where I got it and wanted to know if they could use it too. I designed it to run on my iPhone but it should work on any mobile device with internet access.

Free Insulin & Carbohydrate Calculator

It is hosted on a free web server so there are a couple of adds at the top and bottom of the page and a small popup window that can be a little annoying when the page is loaded for the first time but it is a great little app that I use every day.