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The Windows Marketplace for Mobile is coming soon and I just saw a sneak peak on Engadget. It looks very similar to the App Store, and it’s becoming so apparently clear that everyone in this space is starting to copy Apple word for word with what they’ve done. It’s also becoming crystal clear that Apple has had a short, medium, and long term strategy that they implement better than anyone. It started with iTunes…getting everyone on board, and setting the stage for Apple fan boys. Then came iPod which was designed to make Apple barrells of dollars, all the while, I believe they knew the iPhone was coming. I think it’s naive to think that Apple didn’t recognize that iTunes was going to be the backbone of their ENTIRE business model for the next decade.
What gets me frustrated is how CEOs at other companies think they can just hop on board and grab some of overflow. It’s really quite sad to see. Imagine all restauranteurs decided to stop taking chances with new, innovative food and restaurants, instead choosing to open generic restaurants right next door to the popular ones, looking to grab the patrons that get turned away because they find out there’s a two hour wait. There is a place for these kinds of restaurants, but this strategy should not be pursued by the big players.
I just really hope that these companies have some sort of strategy on how they are going to start being INNOVATIVE again, instead of focusing on bottom line. Don’t get me wrong, I also think that it’s important to have a balance…being too innovative has proven to be counterproductive as well. Many believe that Google’s “too cool for school” attitude towards a vast array of business sectors has made them lose focus on their cores and consequenctly that is why many corporations are a bit hesitant about getting involved in Android.
Anyway, innovation is king! Utilizing successful recipes to see what works might provide the key ingredients for a great meal, but no chef ever made the KILLER RESTAURANT copying the recipes of his competitors word for word.

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