Moderate Alcohol

It seems that a drink a day helps TII control diabetes.

Alcohol is not against the rules... It's just a matter of moderation. :)

The trick in drinking alcoholic drinks (in moderation, of course), is to know when the low is going to hit from any particular drink. You have to do a little careful experimentation to see how and when it's going to affect you. You have to do a little research to find out how many carbs you're dealing with as well. I'm type 1, but I would think that this is true for both types. I've read here on TuD that some folks order a before dinner drink when they arrive high at a restaurant, which sounds like a great idea to me! I do not hesitate to have a drink a day. My gluten-free Bards Beer is 14 carbs, which I bolus for. Wine I don't worry about since the bolus seems to match the low in one 6 oz glass. Come New Year's eve, it's going to be a good quality Riesling. Happy New Year!

red wine works better for me than white wine which I beleive is sweeter. beer can go either way for me. just my observations YMMV