hi i am new here but i have alot of questions about monogenic diabetes. mainly i am wanting to know symtoms. do u have alot of ketones or no ketones etc? it is about our son. can anyone help?

I sorry Don't know much about MODY. Here are a few resources you might try.

thank u so much Stemwinder. i am trying to see if this is something i should have him checked for

Just out of curiosity: what makes you believe he might have mody instead of T1?

he has 4 gen. of diabetes. he does not take alot of insulin. has negative antibodies.

Yes your son can get ketoacidosis from Mody HFN and i would test for ketoacidosis,I have two cousins who have the Mody HFN genes.One is 100% insulin dependent and the other takes combi oral and insulin and both in there time have had DKA also.HFN and gentic T2 i can trace in my family back 6 generations and only effects females with in the family,Effcts of early ketoacidosis are very tired and sleepy,weakness
great thirst,frequent urination,dry skin and tongue,leg cramps,fruity odor to the breath,constant upset stomach and nausea.In japan as most T-box genes encode we test for MODY HFN more often and we have the highest amount of it in world.

ty. we check him alot but he has never had them. he has been a diabetic for 8 years and on his lantis he takes 7 units. the other kids we know take 20-30 units. i wish they would check it here.

MODY is what is called autosomal dominant, you only need to get the gene from one parent. This means that a child with MODY will have an unbroken line of ancestors with MODY. This is different than the genetics of T2 and T1, where not everyone with the genes necessarily gets the disease. Each MODY form is different. There are new forms discovered all the time. MODY-2 (GCK) is characterized by chronic high fasting blood sugars and a delayed release of insulin at meals. The other forms are generally characterized by poor responses to meals, but reasonable fasting levels.

Only 85-90% of T1s test positive for antibodies. If your son has been tested for c-peptide and is insulin deficient, it is unlikely he is MODY even with negative antibody tests.

You should join the MODY group Stemwinder mentioned where there are a number of good information resources.

thank u

BSC Your wrong depenedent on form of HFN,As most who have mody have to be tested for a Gene pool problem,As testing is consistent with 6 main strains but there are 36 other types of HFN,,MODY2 is often diagnosed in association with pregnancy with gestational diabetes, obesity, or old age and not the way you express it.What you are quoting is very very very rare in a child.