Momentary PANIC

Anyone else ever grab something to drink, take a big pull and then have a momentary panic where you brain screams out of nowhere "IS THIS SUGAR FREE?"

Just happened to me. Thankfully it was!


Surprise, yes, Panic…nah. When I lived in Guatemala if I forgot to say “sin azucar” without sugar it always came with - Central Americans LOVE their sugar! But all it took was one sip to know and then I’d apologize and ask to change it. I’m not much worried about the effect of one sip.

Oddly enough since I stopped eating sugar 13 years before my diabetes diagnosis, when I was traveling and I had to tell people I didn’t eat any sugar I sometimes said I was diabetic because only in California where dietary choices were very common even years ago, would I not get a strange look when I said I didn’t eat sugar - but most people have heard about diabetics and sugar.

What caused it was I grabbed some energy drinks at the store and I know I looked to grab to the sugar free versions. But since this gas station is far from quality (your standard ghetto stop-n-rob) they don’t always put the drinks in the correct order. I grabbed a few from the same line and cracked one open. It tasted different and I about spit it all over the windscreen. Just happened that it was a different flavor, but still sugar free. Also this can had the sugar free in a different spot (purple can) than every other can they make.

Lynne - Another reason I make my own lol!
Zoe - Never traveled with diabetes outside of the US, good point. I’ll remember that.

That would be me a few times there!

I and many others live outside the US and still manage our diabetes LOL

I speak bad spanish (after having forgot everything my minor in university) and nothing else besides english. Plus the whole mmol thing confused the bloody hell out of me.

BAHAHA!!! ALL THE TIME!! So I now only drink out of bottles and cans. I used to be a fountain drink addict but had a few issues with them tasting diet and raising my bg and so I started carrying around the sticks to check and dipped them in my drinks and sure nuff a couple of times it had sugar in them even though it tasted diet. No more restaurant/fountain drinks for this diabetic.

Good point, Pastelpainter, and that was a kind of ethnocentric statement!! I should clarify that my travels have largely been to third world countries. Also, especially 10-20 years ago there were plenty of places inside the U.S. where dietary choices such as vegetarian, no sugar, etc were uncommon and thought a bit strange.

My nephew used to work at Subway and he said they’d misconnect the fountain drinks all the time - either out of carelessness or just to be mean.

I have places I don’t trust. I ordered diet coke at the chinese restaurant and got regular coke, so now I get only water when I go there. I’m also wary of fountain Coke Zero because it tastes too good to be diet!