Momentous "cure" for diabetes (um...not...)

Well, I thought I’d heard it all, but tonight a dear friend who is a registered dietician was telling me all about an amazing place that was able to cure type II diabetics of “all symptoms of their disease”.

Their technique? A three-week water fast.

Yeah, not eating for three weeks might do it, until day 22 rolls around and you have to start eating again.

(…insert sound of head-slap here…)

Fabulous, Jean! I hope she is tossing in some snake oil with that…

Friend RD as in Certified Diabetes Educator ??
Water Fast …not having any H2O for 3 weeks ?? …I am sure, you know I am pulling your leg :slight_smile:

Good grief! What do they charge for this miracle?

Wait…your friend is a RD and she thinks this place is ‘amazing’??? I’d be concerned about the training your friend got. Really, really concerned.

Your so called dietician friend is severely dillusional! As we all know, there is as yet, no cure and there should be a law against all these charlatans making such claims without years of research and scientific proof to back these claims up! Such claims should be greeted with the derision they deserve. Everyone, stand down and carry on eating!

Gerri - it will save a pretty packet on food bills, so might be worth any exhorbitant fee - tongue very firmly in cheek!

So as a T1, do you think if I fast for 4 weeks I will be cured? I hope that your friend was joking!

If the friend was joking she must have a pretty warped sense of humour, given her “proffession”!

But Jean is a friend, not a client. As a person with a warped sense of humor, I could see myself doing that to someone.

Every snake oil must have a silver lining!

That is pretty crazy! Haha! You just made my day!

I wish I were kidding. She went there for a water fast “cleanse” herself and waxed quite eloquent about what a great place it it. I am not giving the name or even the state where it resides to be sure of depriving them of even a moment’s worth of being taken seriously by someone who is feeling desperate.

As expensive as food is these days, I’ll bet they charge a lot more than a simple, elegant, low-carb diet consisting of the freshest, most organic produce. Places like that are usually fancy-schmancy spas parading around in health-clinic clothing to give themselves an air of legitimacy.

Heat up some river rocks and have hubby put them on your spine, juice up some carrots and put the pulp on your face, stick a coffee enema up the (ahem!) and you’re done for about $5,000 less than a week at one of these “health” spas.