"Mommy, is my diabetes a sickness?"

Trying to get the house in order today for a Memorial Day Weekend cookout because my 3yr old son was sick all day yesterday and through the night with fevers and hives. He got to sit on my lap most of the day and of course he got to sleep with mommy too. My dtr who is 5 and T1 was irritated through the day she never got a turn on my lap and she didn’t get to sleep with mommy. Recently I’ve been adjusting her pump settings so I let her sleep w/ me for frequent bg checks during the night. This morning they wanted to read some stories in their new Highlights magazines and I said “okay, two stories from each magazine then downstairs to play so mommy can clean up a little”. Xander got right up on my lap. We read a couple stories and then Sophia says “mommy, is my diabetes a sickness” and I thought “oh no, here we go with a deep discussion about a chronic disease vs a sickness or illness” and I said “why do you ask that?” and she says “because I haven’t had a turn on your lap yet” :slight_smile: HAHAHA!!! That was great. Sophia can put a spin on anything. She got a turn on my lap to do the hidden pictures…and we didn’t have any deep discussions :slight_smile:

That’s great! Good thing you asked the essential question “why?”, or you would have missed the moment. Reminds me of the story of the girl who came in the house from playing outside and asked dad “daddy, where did I come from?”. Dad, not wanting to get into it, told her to go ask mommy. Off she went in search for mommy, which she found in the laundry room. “Mommy, where did I come from?” Mom stopped folding and sat down on the floor with her girl. Mom did her best to give a simple explanation, yet one that would satisfy her curiosity for awhile. When Mom was done, she looked her girl in the eye and asked, “Why did you want to know?” “Oh, Austin said he was from Dallas, so I wanted to tell him where I came from…” Oops, TMI!

Ah bless! Shows just how much children take in and she was probably feeling rejected! Good that you asked why or she might have taken it deeper in to herself and gone on to resent it in later life! Glad she got to sit on your knee though!

story’s are great!

lol where are you from!!