Mom's Day

Where the heck u been Robyn?
did your grand daughters team win?

Robyn you are not allowed to take breaks without permission

I have been watching my granddaughter play baseball! Yes, she won! And my little one just melts my heart…SO cute and always happy…god love em!!! Lunch with my eldest daughter.

I tried to upload this on Youtube but they are getting real strict, they somehow knew it was a card/song by fleetwood mack
Here is the card too… The video is better, see for yourself and download it… Think about your mom listening to it… Sigh

Love you, Mom 7442-AMothersLove.wmv (3.01 MB) 7443-MothersLove.jpg (244 KB)

Really nice…I hope my children love me as much as I can tell you loved your Mom…Your Mom can be proud!

LOL! Debb! :smiley:

LOL Craig…but what happened to Brad? The “Mother’s Love” is Beautiful. Thank you!
Happy Mother’s Day to All our Wonderful Mom’s.

Happy Mother’s Day and every day!