Monday at Mount Okemo

Well I guess the big news is that there is no levitation, vanishing assistant, or sawing people in half in “Muscle Magic.” Rather it was a class about the role of the muscles, health for muscles, the stretches to go with certain muscle groups. The one really good thing I took away was about abdominal exercises. I learned (and witnessed) that if you do ab work with your body in a pelvic tilt you get a lot more bang for your buck.

I had a good upper body strength training class, cardio stations ended up really giving my new knee more of a workout than I anticipated. Clearly, I haven’t been working out nearly enough at home. Lesson learned. Swimming was interesting – it’s a cardio class (I guess that’s obvious) – you do a lap and then get an exercise to do at the end of the pool, then another lap, and so on. I really liked it. It was also the first time I actually used my PING in the water (yes indeedy it is water proof). But in the locker room I had a sugar crash – zoom down to 49 in nothing flat. I didn’t see that one coming (and stupid me did’t even have glucose tablets with me - WHAT WAS I THINKING?!). Fortunately, the instructor got me 1/2 an apple with peanut butter and that brought me back up. But I"m kicking myself for being so stupid not to toss the tablets in the bag I put together for the pool. I was wiped out by the time I got back (which is what lows tend to do to me) and I ended up trading off yoga for a little down time. I really needed it. I still feel good about doing some strength training and two cardio classes today – but i would have loved to have that core workout that I get from yoga. I love yoga!

The other classroom class was about whole grains. This one bothered me a bit – the instructor separated out Insulin Resistance and Diabetes as two different things. i asked if by insulin resistance she meant Type 2 and she said no. So I was left a little confused. Then she told someone that Type 2 could be CURED with diet. I opted not to challenge her but it did bother me that she was dispensing misinformation. I learned a bit about whole grains. But in all honesty, the world would sooner end before I would venture to make my own bread or even a pilaf. When she told us that one problem with quinoa is that there are often little stones in there and you have to pick them out – my thought was – ok – we won’t be doing anything with that anytime soon. Cooking is not my strong suit and if it is too much work it isn’t going to happen. But I did take away a better understanding of the types of grains, how to read labels for grains etc. Just not sure that I’ll be using that info anytime soon.

There is a woman here who is Type 2 and not monitoring her diabetes. I had a good talk with her about when she should be testing and how to evaluate the numbers. Of course, I also told her about TuDiabetes and gave her the card and pamphlet. Hopefully she will be joining soon.

My day starts with Tai Chi at 7:15 tomorrow. Later in the day SNOW SHOEING! I LOVE THAT!