More Doctor Pinball

Had another follow-up appointment for the infected abscess on my leg. I really am getting fed up with my doctor's office. I rarely get to see my actual doctor and every time I go in, I am seeing a new doctor and have to reexplain everything that's going on.

So, after explaining to this doctor about what's been going on with this abscess over the past three weeks, she examined it and agreed that it probably started from a bug bite. "I've seen this exact thing before, it started from a spider bite."

I told her there is very little pain now and then showed her a picture of the infection when it was at its worst. "Wow, that is a bad one." She said in reply to the picture. "It's definitely looking better now."

I told her my only complaint is that it itches like hell now. She suggested benadryl lotion to ease the itch.

She was a little concerned that it hadn't given up much pus, but was happy with the healing progress. She asked about all my other issues: Heart surgery, eye surgery, blood-sugars, blood-pressure. All is well at the moment. I did mention that I think the Metoprolol is keeping me from feeling low blood-sugars until they are dangerously low. She said it is because the medicine keeps the liver from raising blood-sugar and that somehow has an effect on the body's ability to recognize lows...or something to that tune.

After speaking with her attending, she told me to finish off the antibiotic (four days to go), and that there should be no need to follow-up again unless the infection starts to get bad again, or refuses to fully heal.

Hey, Tiki. I take toprol too and that's an interesting observation.
I hate hate hate it when you can't see the same doctor, and then nobody communicates with the other.
I had a bad flare of my restless leg syndrome and called to see my primary, but he was filled up. They asked if I wanted to see someone else and I declined - too much hassle retelling my story, blah blah blah.
Hope the wound continues to heal.

Hope you both stay well