More Doggie Drama

By now, most of you know that we are a family that loves our dogs like they are part of our family (because they are). The last weekend in August we adopted our new baby girl – Hope. A teenie, tiny little munchkin who is like a little typhoon running around the house. Hope, who is Amber’s puppy, is part Jack Russell and believes that she is as big (or bigger) than our Border Collie and Beagle.

On Thursday night, September 3, she decided to prove this by following Angel & Hollee up the basement stairs (which she couldn’t do about an hour before this) and resumed her play fighting with them at the TOP of the stairs – not a good idea. Before I even knew she had gone up, I heard this HORRIBLE scream. I turned around and she was sort of sitting/leaning/laying against the wall at the BOTTOM of the stairs.

Another trip to the doggie emergency room and another terrible night of worry for Miss Amber (well, all of us). They didn’t do much at the e.r. besides give her a pain shot, take x-rays and wrap her leg. Her right front leg was broken at the elbow (growth plate) and she was in excruciating pain. I literally held her against me and sat up in a chair all night long because any type of movement caused her to just scream and scream and scream. In the morning we took her to our vet and he sent her on to a specialist. She wound up having to have a permanent pin placed in her elbow through a surgical procedure. She is stitched up pretty good but was already walking around quite well the day after surgery. Today, 1-1/2 weeks after the incident, I can’t convince her that she’s not supposed to run, play, bite, chew and generally terrorize her furry sisters. She gets her stitches out on Friday but won’t be released for full play for another 3 weeks – ugh.

She’s quite the sweet little thing and is such a joy to watch. The accident didn’t slow her down for much more than 24 hours – a tough little nut. Angel is annoyed is the attention she gets because she thought she was the only princess on earth, but they are getting along wonderfully. Hollee thinks she is Hope’s mommy, so sweet to watch the level of patience Hollee has with the ‘baby’. The vet proclaimed her part Jack Russell, part Shark - a very accurate description.

Anyway, that’s the latest update on the doggie drama at the Turner house – let’s hope that’s all for a very long time.

Poor little baby:( What an ordeal for you all.

Your furbugs are precious!

I totally love the word “furbugs” THANKS!

That’s what I call mine.

My, my…you must have one wacky and wonderful household! Its amazing how puppies does bounce back so fast. Beautiful doggies Sheri.

Very very wacky and wonderful! Thanks so much! :smiley: