More meds prescribed today

My asthma still isn’t very controlled so today they started me on Fluticasone Propianate nose spray and Theophylline ANHYD (long acting). Told me to let them know if I get heart palpitations. I go back in about 8 days for blood workup to see how affective it is and then they might up the dosage. I’m not feeling the best right now but don’t know if that’s the affect of the new medications or something else.

So sorry to hear that you have been having so many health problems, I wish you better days ahead! Good luck with the new meds. :wink:

Clayton, cowboy hats off to you! Hoping that soon you will have a mixture of meds that will suit you better. I know cause I have alot of meds too and if one isn’t doing me good it’s out of here. Than you have to be very cautious too as well. You are a strong person, hold on! I promise it will get better. Your friend, Patti