More news about OmniPod Horizon

I got a survey to take from Insulet today. Questions were related to how one might use the Horizon tech. For those of us not using Samsung phones, there was some good news imbedded:

"The system will initially be compatible with select Samsung smartphones. For users who do not have a compatible phone or prefer to keep their phone and insulin delivery device separate, a Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) will be provided. The PDM will display insulin delivery information as well as CGM data on the same device

Note: Users can choose to continue using the Dexcom G6 mobile app on their smartphone for CGM values only. They will still experience all features and benefits of the system because the CGM communicates directly with the Pod." (Emphasis mine)

I got the same survey, and I was really frustrated with what they ask. I have the G6, the OmniPod DASH, and an iPhone XR. The survey asked if I used both a smartphone and the Dexcom receiver to track my blood glucose. Yes, I do, but the survey did not ask WHY I use both. Simple answer: I am on Medicare, and no one from Dexcom seems to have a definitive answer as to whether users on Medicare need to use the Dexcom receiver to have the G6 paid for by Medicare. Some say, “Yes,” and some say, “No, that requirement is no longer valid.” I would love not to use both devices, but even that has problems. The Dexcom receiver does not give me all of the information I can get from the iPhone app, but I lose Bluetooth connection between the the G6 sensor/ transmitter and my phone at least four or five times a day! If I have to choose just one, I really do not know which one I would choose.

I am happy that the new PDM that Insulet offers will display both the CGM data and act as a PDM, but I am relieved that I will not be forced into using the G6 to control my insulin. I am very sensitive to insulin, and my G6 and actual blood glucose meter readings sometimes are more than 30 points apart. Again, the survey asked if I would use the G6 readings as a basis for my insulin, but they did not ask WHY I would not do that.

Obviously, the survey wanted statistical data only rather than opinions; however, the questions they asked did not begin to get the whole story as to why their users would or would not use the PDM/G6 merge.